War is a large focus in Area 11's second album, Modern Synthesis.

Songs With Lyrics Relating to War Edit


This could fuel the revolution!

The Legendary SanninEdit

Torn apart by desire and war

Heaven-Piercing Giga DrillEdit

Into a world full of violence

Tokyo House PartyEdit

I know I should run and I should fight

Versus Edit

Close your eyes to open fire

The truth, the war; the rise, the fall

Little soldier, little girl
Who used to love this fucking world

Can you remember what it is we’re dying for?
Fighting for?


Crossfire filled your skies

Red Queen Edit

Unify behind false enemies
Arms race in hive mentalities

After the Flags Edit

Come on, son, do your country proud!

Take a hit for catharsis.
Take a hit for them all
After the flags they're selling off the wall
I wanna die for a reason.
I wanna kill for a cause


Pull our comrades clear from the sands

Other Relations to War Edit

Versus Edit

Sparkles* is quoted saying "It's a song about wars between inter-dimensional gods" when talking about Versus.

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