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Charcharmunro- Random Things That Came To My Head, feel free to add notes and stuff to these to support and/or debunk stuff, just use parentheses.

Cassandra is both an AI and real.

Sparkles* is a cyborg, and his CPU is Cassandra.

Cassandra's personality is an amalgamation of all pink-haired girls in anime, such as Lucy/Nyu and Euphemia. Sparkles* integrating Lucy into it inadvertently gave her omnicidal tendencies (omnivorous eyes?), causing all the destruction mentioned in Euphemia and forcing Sparkles* to make her into an enemy.

Cassandra just existed as data, until System;Start.

The last three tracks of ATLITS make references to the title of the album, and The Strays makes references to stars, which are the same thing. All four tracks come after Cassandra (pt II), so perhaps all four together mean something. Or not, perhaps they're simply meant to mean that they aren't relevant to Digital Haunt, and are simply about the music, hence the album.

ATLITS is not in chronological order, Shi No Barado documents Cassandra's creation and her possibly falling in love with Sparkles*. Tokyo House Party is about the destruction mentioned in Euphemia, which comes next, then Cassandra (pt II), where Sparkles* wrestles with his feelings and morals, then Knightmare/Frame where the morals take higher precedence, then Vectors where he "kills" the initial Cassandra. System;Start then has her upgraded and made real.

Cassandra isn't actually anything, Cassandra's just the auto-tune. (Joke-y theory.)

Cassandra (pt II) is actually from more than one person's perspective. Perhaps different musical cues indicate who's talking when? Additionally, some lines have more than one meaning to them. Hence, "double life".

The "Echoplane" is some sort of attempt to merge a digital area into the real world, along with Cassandra.

The backgrounds in the ATLITS songs have some significance in the way they move or what they move towards. Maybe.

Nog's Theory

Cassandra's homeworld was destroyed, and she is now trapped in the Echoplane, forced to look up through a rift in the sky at her destroyers' homeworld (ATLITS Art)

While there she plotted and schemed against them, and eventually she took her revenge on her destroyers - Us.

Sparkles* is a Time Traveller who has come from the future to warn us of her, but cannot say too much or it will alter the timeline too drastically.

Taka's MPD Theory

There are (at least) three characters, one of which is male, and another female. While it is possible to transcend genders in MPD, it seems like the Male and Female characters are different people through their actions across many songs, but their interactions could be all in the head of a single body.

"Do you want to live inside the Hive, or do you want to die on the outside?" could refer to MPD. Inside being the mind, outside being reality.

Cassandra pt.II, I think, continues to expand on this theory - that Cassandra has MPD. A lot of A11's songs have been hinting at MPD - even the conversation with Cassandra (and the fact she doesn't know Sparkles*) could hint towards it. Lines like "Though it's all in my mind," and "hiding inside you, 'cause we are the same," are prime examples of this. 

So why do I assume there are three people? There are "three parts to love. A part you you lose and another you recieve." Two personalities, one constant being. One of those three parts always remains, while the other two exchange places. Amongst all this is a budding romance.

Whenever I get into Bosozoku, I always begin to wonder where the singer is trying to get to. Where is it that they "want to be" in relation to all of this? Why are they shackled in chains? Is it a metaphor for the battle of control in the MPD patient? The place they want to get to is "outside."

"Do you want to die on the outside?"

"As the line begins to blur."

Movement 4 sounds like someone heading towards their own death. Why else would you "leave a mark" behind?

So there are two personalities in a person. Let's assume they are named "Cassandra" and "Echo." At least one of them (Cassandra) is in love with the third person. The two personalities switch between controlling the body, however one of them decides that "I want to be your enemy." The provoke each other and eventually Cassandra ends up chained up and locked away. Eventually this chained personality begins to rip out the hooks, and decides that when she reaches the "outside" and regains control, they wont leave the third person - the person they love. This declaration is seen in the lines "Here I break with the concept, Though it's central to the piece. Leave my mark on the Canvas, that only you can see." These words are important.

So anyway, the lines begin to blur - consciousness begins to fade, yet it is comforting. She has almost escaped. The sky can be seen. The lights are falling. Cassandra continues to rip out the hooks, and this leads her to declare she "will rip out all the love from my skin so I can grow."

Meanwhile, in Movement 4 of Bosozoku...  The outside personality in control "Echo" is having problems "For the world she loved had been destroyed. And the sun set for one final time over the Echoplane." Her home, the Echoplane, was destroyed. All of the anger and fury guides her... But what does it lead her to doing?  Well, she reaches out for her "enemy" Cassandra, the one who threw away everything to grow.

"And she walked, and pulled me to the surface."

Then Echo declares her goal, and vanishes. A powerful yet mysterious thing named the "Starship" (known to have a large amount of control in the Echo, and known to be the cause of the Echoplane's destruction) gets ahold of Cassandra. The humans in control of the "starship" reuinite Echo and Cassandra. Echo, aware of what caused her world to fall, screams in rage. The Humans know that the scream would be the last noise they hear.

"And she turned her back towards the middle and watched as the final sample spun and cancelled out all of her work."

Echo turns away from the middle - the center piece - the concept of her and Cassandra being one entity - and watches as the world is reversed and adjusted around her. Cassandra leaves the destroyed world behind, and the humans take her away. Echo sits and waits, waiting for "him" to awake again. Then she can stop his destruction.

Eknight's Theory

Cassandra (possibly created by Sparkles*) and Sparkles* fall in love.  However, soon things turn sour and they become bitter emneies embroiled in war.  During the war Sparkles* destroys Cassandra’s home planet and she is forced to go to the Echoplane.

Callum's Code Lyoko Theory

The Echochamber acts as a bridge between our real world, and Cassandra's world, the Echoplane. It acts sort of like a server, hosting Cassandra's world from within our own. Whilst Sparkles* was upgrading it, the Echoplane was corrupted (Echodeath), effectively destroying Cassandra's world. Now, from within the Echoplane, Cassandra tries to destory the real world as revenge against Sparkles*.

Patrick's modified Code Lyoko Theory

As they bring Cassandra out of the "Echoplane", or "Lyoko", she faces cancer, as to refernce Ghost Cassette's "Fear of Cancer". She has the choice to be put back into the "Echoplane", or "Lyoko", and live forever, and thus "Do you, do you want to live inside the hive[Lyoko][Echoplane]," and "Or do you, do you want to die on the outside[The real world]." of Prolouge III (Echodeath). It is also note worthy that she may choose to stay on the outside, and Sparkles* and whoever else is working with him, must destroy the "Echoplane" or "Lyoko" to kill "Echo" or "Xana", for some provoked reason.

Now, in Prologue III, the re-reversed lyrics say stuff about a "She" screaming. Is it possible that this "Echo" is a girl, and sceems to take over the world, as Xana does? This could still be Cassandra screaming; an effect of her cancer; going insane. In "Vectors", Sparkles* says "Baby cant you see that you're losing your mind?". This could also hint to her insanity, either caused by "Cancer"(may not actually be Cancer, but let's just call it that), or the choice she has to die, or forever fight Echo.

Givin the Code Lyoko story ran into problems with Alita being tied to Lyoko, and not being able to shut off Lyoko, without killing her, or at least giving her mortality. This might be another problem, as they may need to kill Echo, while saving Cassandra. Thus, giving her the choice to be doomed to a mortal life, but be rid of Echo, or continue to fight Echo, but be immortal, as possibly the story of Prologue III (Echodeath).

Also given the suspected artist name "Echodeath" we can assume Cassandra chose to kill Echo, and shut off the Echoplane.

Tom's Theory

Cassandra was trapped in the Echoplane, but released in System;Start, after which she moved to Japan. Echo, the god of the Echoplane, remained there, repeating her misery forever, as shown in Echodeath.

Connor's Theory

Prologue III does not in fact relate directly to Cassandra whatsoever, and is written purely about 'Echo', the god. There is a possibilty that Cassandra is Echo, however this is not confirmed or denied anywhere. 

Prologue III is set as a sequel to Cassandra, Pt. II, which in turn is a sequel to System;Start. The humans mentioned in P3 planned to destroy the Echoplane; they are called a 'team' and are heard in S;S waking up Cassandra. The team captured a native of theEchoplane and implanted her with technology to wrestle her under their control, her being a dangerous creature ('Omnivorous eyes'). Alternatively, Cassandra is simply a machine frame who was implanted with human characteristics and organs (See Aboulia lyrics) who was used to the same end.

The album art for P3 shows the superposition of two sound waves, characteristic of an 'echo'. The humans believed the way to destroy the Echoplane was to superpose an inverted waveform of the Echoplane onto the world, essentially the opposite of the Echoplane, which would cancel out everything in the Echoplane. This physical process is actually referred to in the lyrics. The lyric regarding spinning of samples could refer to the inversion of a sample of the Echoplane extracted from Cassandra and also a metaphor for a vinyl track spinning on a turntable. Alternatively the sample may have other sources.

The experiment was a success, the Echoplane was destroyed and all of Echo's work was cancelled out by the inverted waveform. The death of the Echoplane killed the team destroying it.

Sparkles*'s concept album will be under the artist name Echodeath and will revolve around the eventual destruction of the plane.

Also, HL3 confirmed.

Sarrenwakk's Puppetmaster Theories

"I became your puppetmaster" - Euphemia

If Sparkles* is singing from his own point of view, he could be talking to us, saying he is our Puppetmaster (using the definition from Wikipedia, this means he controls the ARG that we are taking part in), or he could be saying this to Cassandra, saying that he has total control over her.

If Sparkles* is singing this from the view of another person, however, it could have many meanings. If he were singing from Cassandra's point of view, it means she has control over Sparkles*, and thus Cassandra is the real Puppetmaster of this ARG.


Scotts Theory

Scotts Theory The Cassandra Muse Theory revolves around the Line from Cassandra pt 2 "I; your savior you; my muse". Muse, as one of its definitions, an artist's inspiration. I combined many theories into this and all rights go to those specific theories.

The Theory

Cassandra is a female teenage robotic humanoid created by Sparkles* that is the source of his artistic vision.(In Cassandra pt 2 "I your savior; you my muse"- noun; The source of an artists vision.) She was formed prior to Sparkles* being in Ghost Cassette and helped him during this time. As Cassandra was created by Sparkles he continued to expand her abilities and continued building her. However she soon became unstable and rebelled against Sparkles*,  saying that "you dont need me." (You've been inside for far too long, Come to the surface now you're fully grown.; I am the same, I am the same, I am the same, it's you who's changed.) When he refused she  declared that she hated him (You killed, my plan. This rope, your scent,  The way, you went.  The coup, d'état,  Its gone, so far.  Your voice, your face,  Now things, I hate! ) With this Sparkles* banished her consciousness to the Echoplane while he worked on repairing her. At this point without her his artistic vision was severly

damaged and Ghost Cassette was disbanded.

This is the Echoplane

The Echoplane is a Limbo type place in all Humanoids, each being different for a particular personality. Cassandra's was being stranded in a desert while the skies resembled the northern lights. Always visible but never reachable was her consciousness resembling a planet.

Sparkles* soon formed Area 11 and started making music again. He finally finished reprogramming her mind (but left a small exploit, unknown to Sparkles*) and prepared to bring her back. While this was happening Cassandra was torn. She wanted her freedom  but felt that she shouldn't have turned against him. She eventually came to the feeling that it was all Sparkles*'s fault and let hate grow inside of her. When Sparkles* revived Her (System;Start) she was confused about whether to love (brotherly or sisterly, not sexual) or hate him. She soon was convinced by Sparkles* to help him again (Shi No Barado). The part of her that hated him slowly turned into a second personality and revealed its self in prologue III (Echodeath) when played backwards.  

Dreams And Realitys   There are several connections to my theory and this song. Here are the lyrics and the corresponding connection:

"The choice that we made that day."- Sparkles*'s decision to send her to the Echoplane. "Brick up the window to block out the world, 200 sleepless nights ago."-Sparkles* describing Cassandra's time in Echoplane.

"Waiting and hoping from the side-lines"- Sparkles* hoping that his repairs will work.

"'Cause we are stronger than anything. We've grown from all the things we've been through, and they couldn't break us if they wanted to."- We have grown from our fight and everything is fine now.

"Now I put the colour between the lines, 24 years of biding my time."- He built her and spent 24 years preparing for this moment. (the Album)

"Umbillical cell phone, wont you tell me what is real?"- Cassandra doubting if this real.

"Lets write our names in history, let's make these dreams reality"- Sparkles* talking about his dreams of making music.

Sarrenwakk's "Greatest Anime of All Time" Theory

Greatest Anime

The "concept" Sparkles* has been working on over the past seven years is actually an anime series, and anime takes awhile to draw out and animate, which could explain the lengthy time that has been spent on the project. This could also explain why the band is a gaijin rock band, and why Sparkles* is a fan of anime {(or maybe he's just like every other guy, which would explain the ecchi anime series the band watches...) the previous quote can be denied since obviously Sparkles* isn't any normal human. And neither is Parv. See Amy's theory for more details on Parv.}

If Sparkles* concept is actually an anime series, this means that all the lines to released songs could be references to his anime series, as well as the series the songs were originally based off of. Since Sparkles* has browsed and/or perused tons of anime series, he probably gathers the best ideas from the series he has watched in order to create the most epic anime series in all of time.

The Time Travel Conspiracy

If all this is true, and if Sparkles* can never be direct about his personal life, and he wants to make the greatest anime of all time, this could also mean Sparks* is a time traveler, sent from a distant robot ruled place, known as the echoplane, where almost all the human race has been eliminated. A "god" of robots named Echo leads the robots to fight against humans. Cassandra, a robotic program, originaiting from "Apache Cassandra" protects Sparkles* along with the remaining humans and becomes attached to Sparkles* in a way most programs would view as an "abomination". But one day Cassandra sends him to the past, hoping to undo this future, but Sparkles* knows if he undoes the future, he will have never known Cassandra. Hence, why Sparkles* seems so angry at Cassandra in "Cassandra, pt.II", even though he doesn't remember her directly. This may also explain why Sparkles* seems so happy, because since he was sent to the past, and due to the paradox created by his time travel, he does not remember all of the distant future he is to save us from.


Sparkles* fears revealing personal memories that he has slowly regained over time may alter the time stream, making the future he left behind our own, this is why he makes us continue to gather clues and information through his songs, and his past that we know about, himself hoping that one day we will all figure out exactly what caused this whole robot-ruled future to come to be, and prevent it from occurring. Perhaps also the anime will tell parts of his personal past, since he hides personal things inside of his song lyrics, but it takes a lot of explication to decipher the personal aspects of the songs, since it is the fourth and final level of his song meanings.

Shy_Coconut's theory

My theory is that the Echoplane, rather than being a physical place, is Cassandra's subconscious while she is kept asleep/subdued beofre being awakened in System;Start. The voice of Echo is the voices she can hear outside of her body (i.e. Sparkles* and the other scientists featured in System;Start), the way that babies in the womb can hear and recognise their mothers's voice. I like this theory as it links to the idea the Casaandra is "born" during System;Start with the Echoplane representing the womb, and linking to ideas expressed in the song Scissorborn.

Echodeath charts the destruction of the Echoplane which occured when Casandra was "born", as she can no longer access her subconscious and no longer recognises the voices as Echo, and the anger that she felt towards the humans who did this to her.

The last lyric: "and the God Echo cried" could indicate that one of the scientists later regreted their decision to awaken Casandra, seeing how much pain she is in.

BSista's "Cassandra is definitely Human!" Theory - Work In Progress

tl;dr: Cassandra is human, but fighting some form of terminal illness. In order for her to survive, she was "uploaded" into the Echoplane, some form of Virtual Reality/Parallel Universe comparable to the Internet, where her mind now resides.

Optinal sidedishes: A revolution against the machines, multiple personality, a love story and a counter-thoery that states Cassandra rebelled.

I'll be adding to this theory whenever I have the time to put my thoughts to paper, but rest assured it's a work in progress and there's still a lot more I think I'm interpreting differently than any other theorist as of yet:

Who is Cassandra?

There are several verses scattered across Ghost Cassette and Area 11 songs that suggest Cassandra was actually human, but something was broken inside her - Some form of terminal illness, perhaps:

  • Blow Out the Candles - "Are your muscles bleeding, Does it hurt when you breathe in"
  • Fear of Cancer - "This is my world, I cannot be healed.";
  • Hypoxia - "My lungs have given up. Collapsed inside their cage.";
  • Vectors - "Something broken inside you";
  • The Strays - "How could I stay here and rust when I’m set to explode?"
  • Euphemia - "Demons are possessing me. Robbed of my eternity."

In order to keep her alive, she was put to sleep, hooked to a machine and had her mind "uploaded" to an alternate reality, the "Echoplane":

  • Blow Out The Candles - "And still you try and distance yourself from death", "And pretend you’re not dying";
  • Marionette - "Do whatever it takes to survive, Push your human weaknesses aside."
  • Aboulia - "I am floating here under streetlights, In a fiber optic underground." ("uploaded" to the network); "The holes in my skin will take all of this in. I’m an organ donor for a machine." (Holes in my skin - Life support and feeding IV tubes);
  • Hypoxia - "Transmission complete.";
  • Vectors - "A restless sleep through an IV high";
  • Knightmare/Frame - "Inside a machine, inside a machine, I cannot let you go";
  • Cassandra, Pt. II - "A digital haunt in an analogue life" (She's virtually dead in the "real world", yet her ghost remains in the alternate reality).
  • Echodeath - "Do you want to live inside the hive?/Or do you want to die in the outside?"

More to come: The Dreams, The Love Story, The Evil Entity, the connection to the Digital Haunt project and real life.

Things to add: "Echo"stands for "E" in the NATO phonetic alphabet . This means Echoplane could be read as E-Plane (as in Electronic Plane, in a parallelism to the Internet/Cyberspace). Echo 1 and Echo 2 could also be read as E1 and E2 - serial numbers?

Videoclip for Fear of Cancer: Metropolis; Moloch - Great sacrifice, revolution.

Videoclip for The Tape: Analog overtaking the Digital (Tape overtaking the Cyborg?)

The Magician's Nephew - Alternate universes?

Sprinkles*'s Perfect Love Theory

Listening to the Japanese version of Shi No Barado, there's been a line that's bugging me.

Watashi ha kowakunai

[I’m not afraid and I’m not alone]

Kimi to yume de au

[Because you’re with me in my dreams]

(Konya isshou)

[(You’re with me tonight)]

PERFECT LOVE akiramenai    ß (Why not translated?)

[I won't give up on this perfect love]

I believe that "perfect love" in Japanese is 完全な愛 - Kanzen'na ai.

I thought I should add that I have had a few theories of my own:

  • It could mean that "perfect love" means the same in all languages?
  • It could be something to do with Death Note?

I may be overthinking this, but I thought I should share.

I actually think that Beckii left some english lyrics in (such as Perfect Love and Satellite) because she couldn't get the rhythm and to fit otherwise. - SC

Luke J’s ‘finally got a’ Theory

Sparkles* and [identity unknown] were deeply in love. They met at a party and he immediately fell in love with her. This party is chronicled in “Tokyo House Party.” Something went wrong at this party and a fire broke out (“The fire's spread to the basement now”). Sparkles* and [identity unknown] got trapped together and fearing their imminent death began to confide in each other (“Waiting for our own special moment to die”). However they were saved from the flames at the last minute.

This near death experience that they shared meant they were now inextricably linked. (Dreams & Reality: “You mean so much to me, I can’t forget the way, The choice that we made that day”). They fell in love and spent the next few years together.

Eventually [identity unknown] became pregnant, however there were complications with the birth (which was premature). Sparkles* was there reassuring his love and reminding her how they nearly died that night and that she is strong. (“Cause we are stronger than anything, We’ve grown from all the things we’ve been through, And they couldn’t break us if they wanted to”). However it was not enough and [identity unknown] died giving birth to the child, a beautiful baby girl.

During the birth, the doctors feared that they would lose the child and they had to implement some sort of futuristic technology to save the tiny premature baby. This involved semi-cyborg implants in the child, using the umbilical chord. The procedure affected the child but this was unknown at the time (“Umbilical cell phone, won’t you tell me what is real?” Also Scissorborn: “I hear it's calling me, To break this hibernation”)

Sparkles* allowed this to go ahead as he could not bear to lose her. He was distraught at the death of his love but overjoyed at the beautiful baby girl she had created. He named her Cassandra.

The procedure at her birth was unknown to Cassandra as she grew up however she always felt different. Movement 4 is a lullaby that Sparkles* wrote for Cassandra when she was young. The line “There's a part of you you lose, And another you receive.” Refers to the loss of his love but him gaining a beautiful daughter. As Cassandra grew up she began to realise she was different from everyone else.

She felt affinity with machines but couldn’t understand why. One night in a moment of teenage angst she had an argument with her father.  Sparkles* became enraged and told Cassandra how he hated that she killed his true love and that she was part machine. This revelation caused Cassandra to run away...(Cassandra, Pt II: “This was the night that everything changed, I’m hiding from you,Hiding from you”) As she felt she could no longer trust her father.

Her cybernetic implants went into override mode and fully wiped her memory. She met up with a mysterious stranger who realised she had amnesia and decided to use her for his own devices. (Told in Vectors: “I reached out and took your hand”, “I repressed that time... Everything that I forgot”)

The only link to her past she had was a small music box that played the tune of movement 4 when opened. (“A music box, a lullaby”). The man took this, fearing it would unlock her memories. This man is actually Echo, the leader of a terrorist organisation called the Echoplane and Cassandra was his newest recruit.

He used her blank mind to construct a being completely dedicated to his cause. Not knowing what he would create. Meanwhile Sparkles* was a wreck. He searched for Cassandra but found no trace. All he had left were videos of her as a child, “A digital haunt in an analogue life.” He never gave up hope however that she would return to him.

Eventually Cassandra starts to get flashes of her old memory back. She asks Echo about it and he downplays it, worried she might remember. She finds the music box and the tune unlocks her memories. They all come flooding back to her, the fight with her father, how much he loves her, how Echo took her away from him.

This new knowledge enrages her as told in Echodeath, “And she looked up and she felt all of the anger and fury that had guided her in the sun.” This anger unleashes her cybernetic powers and she goes wild, destroying the Echoplane headquarters and leaving Echo barely alive, “And the God Echo cried.” She also remembers all the terrorist acts that Echo brainwashed her into commiting (Euphemia: “I became your puppet master,
As you stared into my eyes, Then stood and watched in horror. As you ordered them to die.”)

This is how the story is left so far,

It is up to Sparkles* to tell the rest...

RadukeNocoshi's Semi-Rational Theory

(WIP. Reason was used but a teensy bit "off the wall"-ness was used to fill in the gaps. Heavily drawn from System;Start/Vectors, Cassandra pt II and Prologue III. Viewing the order as P III, then Cass (pt II), then S;S/Vectors) Cassandra and Echo have become one being. Cassandra was a normal girl that was seriously ill and filled her time with learning of computer and technology. She developed way to visit the Echoplane in her dreams with the aid of machines that projected her form and consciousness. For years, possibly centuries prior to her vists, the goddess Echo had come to power on the Echoplane along with her lover. Her lover and she had been mortal and close once as implied by "The Strays" "Do you remember when the stars were much higher?/ You would try to count them all but you grew tired" In their godhood nothing was beyond their reach but the years took their toll and the lover, he grew weary if the world they ruled and the other humans that had strayed to the Echoplane from Earth. He even grew weary of her, as implied by the lyrics of the fourth movement of "Bosozoku Symphonic." She would "sometimes disagree just to hear [him] scream. [He] was right but [Echo] needed [him] to give emotion back to [her]" She felt the weight of this bind her. The chains only slackening when she was with him implying he controlled them. For him she would "deferred her happiness." She loved him and stayed until she ripped out the hooks that were his love from her skin so that she could grow. He knew the love was gone but was trapped in the Echoplane, once you physically entered the Echoplane you were trapped there. So he fell into a deep sleep as implied by the prologue as a sort of escape. With one ruler indisposed and the other emotionally scarred the lands suffered. Then came the story of the Prologue III. The humans set to destroy Echo's seat of power and destroy all her work so they could make the world better for themselves, but Echo in turned destroyed them. This didn't quell her rage or ease her hate,though. How could it? She had been "betrayed by trust, forever left to scream." They had destroyed her world so she wanted to destroy their home world, Earth. Cassandra appeared and saw the ruined wasteland (the album cover of ATLITS). Echo knew of the girl and how she had a physical body on Earth and knew of her story for they had become friends during her visits. So Echoed offered to heal the body in the other world, and Cassandra agreed readily, what Cassandra didn't know was Echo did so by melding her consciousness to Cassandra's so that when Cassandra retuned to our world she took Echo with her where upon arrival she used her powers to heal Cassandra, but left Cassandra none the wiser to her presence. Cassandra (pt II) describes the events following Prologue III. Echo being a second part to Cassandra's mind. The song is told from Echo's point of view inside Cassandra. The opening stanza being her referring to her loss love with her lover. She had become Cassandra's savior so Cassandra could become her muse, watching the foreign world through Cassandra's eyes and letting her experiences inspire Echo on ways to destroy it. They had been close friends but now Echo wanted to destroy all humans to avenge her plane. Cassandra felt the presence of Echo inside her but couldn't place it, so would stare at her reflection with "omnivorous eyes" wanting "a reaction," any sign of Echo or something that was causing her strange feelings. Cassandra had been ill and lost to most of the world although she knew more of it than Echo. She would "wear a red dress in a bull fight" so to speak. Meaning she would make dangerous and obvious mistakes do to her ignorance of the world, or act as was custom in the Echoplane and draw attention to her "double life." But she kept with her computer interest and online life as they were what she knew, absentmindedly sharing her secret online life with Echo, who was a digital haunt. An immortal (permanent) being hiding inside an analogue (mortal, temporary) life of a girl. Something happened. Perhaps Cassandra learned of Echo's presence and plot through a dream and so used her technology to lock her mind and Echo in a sleeping state in-between realms (possibly the "inbetween the zero and the one"). Then the story of System;Start / Vectors begins. She laid dormant until a man (lets call him Sparkles*) led a team to wake her. They succeeded and Cassandra enjoyed moments of being awake before Echo seized control leading to the violent nature of the song setting the mood for what Echo began to unleash her wrath as Cassandra's split personality.

Chloe's Theories


Vectors - Something broken inside you

Euphemia - Robbed of my eternity

Marionette - She asphixiated

Slipstream - My lungs collapse

Blow Out The Candles - Does it hurt when you breathe in?

Hypoxia - My lungs have given up, Collapsed inside their cage, When oxygen is not, Delivered to my brain, Coughing up all that I lack, Coughing up what I want back

Aboulia - I'm an organ donor

Cassandra Coming To Earth Apocalypse Theory

In Prologue III it talks about Cassandra killing and screaming. I have found things that are related to her coming to Earth to kill us all.

Prologue III (Echodeath) - She schemed and she plotted and she became a creature of hate, And she was filled with rage, and from her there came a scream, and humans who had done this knew the scream, and they understood, but they could do nothing to stop their death, And then she moved, silently, to the place where this world had fallen, .............. And then she.............. And she destroyed the......, And she looked up and she felt all of the anger and fury that had guided her in the sun

Euphemia - As I looked into the burning sky, And all those that have died, Demons are possessing me ←Not doing this of own will? I feel my hate take flight, Genocide, Betrayed by trust, forever left to scream ← The scream, As you ordered them to die.

Knightmare/Frame - All this anger, Patricide ← Killing her own father/ father figure? Sparkles*?, Eye to eye with a loaded mind

Tokyo House Party - Cause everything's gone; it's been wiped out ← Cassandra has destroyed everything, I know I should run and I should fight ← Sparkles* should stop Cassandra?

Shi No Barado - My revenge was your gift to me, And baby you can kill me ← Cassandra can kill Sparkles*?

The Strays - You think I’m vicious but you don’t know what vicious is

Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill - Into a world full of violence, Fight against your execution ← People should resist their death

Bōsōzuku Symphonic - All the lights in the sky, Are falling to the ground, Just to hear you scream ← The scream which signalled the start of the apocalypse

Chasing The Guillotine - Downward clean swing ← Cassandra’s sword?

Fear Of Cancer - All the people gasped as the muses choose, Their fates are written, they won't be forgiven ← The people who deceived her, The markets crashed while the buyers died, Through the broken glass glow the city's lights, I'm so far from my home. But everything dies, everything dies alone, Harvest of souls, take myself today, |You've been inside for far too long, Come to the surface now you're fully grown, I am the same, I am the same, I am the same, it's you who's changed, I'm tied in my tongue, behind my teeth, I'm hoping for something that's still out of reach, I am the same, I am the same, I am the same and I will remain|← Sparkles* talking to Cassandra , You killed, my plan, Your voice, your face, Now things, I hate! ← Cassandra is angry at Sparkles*

Slipstream - I will, scream until my lungs collapse← The scream again, I will, Justify this to no one ← Cassandra doesn’t think her actions need justifying, I don’t care about what you did, My only problem’s with the excuse ← Sparkles* and the scientists to Cassandra?

Scissorborn - I won't be silenced by some blood ← Problems with her own health won’t stop her killing, I'm tearing this down, pulling this out, The conclave is desecrated, the temple lies in ruins ← Destruction

Hypoxia - My lungs have given up, Collapsed inside their cage ← The scream, But nothing’s gonna save us now! ← Nothing will stop their death

Evan's Really Late Theory (Not so much a theory, just thoughts)

The concept album (which I hope will be coming in the soon) possibly tells the stories of Cassandra, Echo and whoever the narrator of the story is I.E. Whose point of view S* is singing from. 

So far I believe the majority of clues have been given to us through Ghost Cassette songs (Did S* have more influence on the lyrics then?) the possible hidden meanings seem to be much less... Hidden.

Prologue III also seems to be very important, possibly to the extent of ending up on the concept album in the future . This track however tells a story outright, there seem to be less secrets hidden in the track and more of an obvious meaning.

As a load of other people have said the main story so far seems to be about Cassandra, AIs, Sparkles*, Echo and Abi being the wiki.

CelticPhoenix's Hard To Understand Ideas

(Note: Not really a theory as such, more of a list of things to get people thinking down new tracks, that also have the beginnings of theories, which I will update whenever we get new clues, and that I doubt anyone actually reads, has read, or ever will read.)

1) [Removed due to extreme dumbness. Not re-numbered due to extreme laziness.]

The Vitruvian Man. See the square and circle design behind the guy? That's what I'm talking about.

2) Cassandra's name can be made using chemical elements and an angstrom: CAsSÅNdRa, or C As S Å Nd Ra which is Carbon, Arsenic, Sulfur, Neodymium, and Radium. Also, we know that Sparkles* took chemistry at AS and A2 levels, and sulfur is mentioned in Homunculus.

On a heavily related note, on the comments for Homunculus, I was talking to Ouroboros6134, and he said this: "After a bit of thinking, some other hints are there as well. Radium could be considered a real life version of alchemy, as it is a radioactive element that decays into another over time. If I recall correctly, one of its isotopes decays into gold. Carbon is the base element for all life on our planet... Neodymium, I do not know much about. I believe it is made into coloured glass, and is quite magnetic? It is also toxic in higher quantities. I'll look into it later. Angstrom... is a measure of distance used for atomic/nucleic radii I think? Chemistry/alchemy related though. Guess I've gotta google that too.

Looked into the radioactivity, as it interested me most.

Radium can decay into: Radon, Francium, Lead, Carbon, Thorium, and Actinium.

Neodymium can decay into: Praseodymium, Cerium, Prometheum and Sarium.

Most of those don't mean much to me; a bunch of other radioactivity. Carbon shows again though, and lead is the typical substance used for transmutation into gold in alchemy. Prometheum might also be of note, as I seem to remeber something related to Prometheus in Digital Haunt, I just can't for the life of me remember where.

After even more random thoughts and some googles... Arsenic bonds with Sulfur to make inorganic arsenic, while Arsenic bonds with Carbon to make organic arsenic. A reference to cassandra being part machine, or something?" (Quoted from Ouroboros6134).

Now to clear things up a bit, an angstrom (Å) is one ten-billionth of a metre, or 0.1 nm. "It's used to express the sizes of atomsmolecules, and microscopic biological structures, the lengths of chemical bonds, the arrangement of atoms in crystals, the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, and the dimensions of integrated circuit parts" (Quoted from wikipedia). Sulfur is one Å long. Neodymium is used in Nd:YAG lasers, which are used in retinal surgery, for things like retinal detachments and opthalmic neo-vascular disease (And no, I don't know what that second one means. The first one is where the retina seperates from the back of the eye in a very painful manner, however). Arsenic leads to mitochondrial hypoxia (THIS is a link to the page for the song, and THIS is a link to the wikipedia disambiguation page for the condition), by inhibiting mitochondrial respiration. It eventually causes multi-system organ failure (I'm an organ donor for a machine?). Interestingly, this is thought to be because of cellular necrosis ( A form of traumatic cell death that results from acute cellular injury), not apoptosis (Wikipedia - Apoptosis (/ˌæpəˈtsɪs/; from Ancient Greek ἀπό apo, "away from" and πτῶσις ptōsis, "falling") is the process of programmed cell death (PCD) that may occur in multicellular organisms.Biochemical events lead to characteristic cell changes (morphology) and death.) Notice the meaning; apo, meaning away from, and ptosis, meaning falling. Falling away, eh? 

3) admin/h0muncu1us looks like incomplete login details. So putting together some particular clues in chronological order (and the one that makes most sense for a login.[coincidence again? Hmm...]), you get Cassandra6134admin as a username, and h0muncu1us as a password.

4) While in most of his songs he is in first person, some of them (Marionette, The Strays, Euphemia, etc...) he's talking to someone/a group. Who is it?

The Homunculus cover art. See the Area 11 logo inside the circle? That's what I'm talking about.

5) Some of the songs have numbers in their titles. In ascending order: Cassandra Pt 2; Prologue III (Echodeath); Cassandra Pt V. Maybe these tell us the order they're set in? Adding in System;Start, it becomes: System;Start - Cassandra Pt 2 - Prologue III (Echodeath) - ??? - Cassandra Pt V - ???. A story?

6) Sparkles*' Tumblr is 'The Edge Of The Explosion". Now, a star COULD be described as an explosion so large that it is contained with in it's own gravity, but they are also giant nuclear fusion reactors. Deuterium is currently being considered for use in nuclear fusion. Also, stars kind of tend to be bigger than the planet Earth, and any satelites orbiting them would technically be at the edge of the explosion. There is currently talk of "Dyson Spheres", which are satelites designed to orbit stars and harness the energy for power. Maybe Cassandra's life support systems were running out of power while she was in suspended animation (Or an equivalent), and they had to find new power sources, and decided to use Dyson Spheres to collect energy from the sun? Any takers? No? Okay then...

7) The art for Homunculus has a design usually associated with balance on it, which also bears resemblance to the design behnd the Vitruvian Man, in the Vitruvian Man, as seen here. I doubt it actually means anything, but I'm excessively suspicious of small details. Also, why are the words "Area 11  Homunculus" on it twice (Once along the center line emanating from the circle, and once above the circle, with the track time next to it)?

8) Connected to 2), Deuterium (2H) is used in nuclear reactors to slow down neutrons without the high neutron absorbtion of ordinary hydrogen. Nearly all of the natural deuterium in the world was formed during the Big Bang (Alternately known among the sarcastic peoples as 'That Giant Bloody Explosion That Created The Universe"). 

AsianWithGlasses's Code Geass-y Theory

WARNING: following theory contains some spoilers to Code Geass. do not read further if you wish not to spoiled of upcoming events in the anime.

Sparkles* is actually of Britannian descent as his old Facebook page  was named “Sparkles li Britannia” but went into hiding under that name and went to go under the alias of Tom Clarke to escape his true identity and changed his name to Tom Clarke also known as Sparkles*, like how Lelouch changed his name from "Lelouch vi Britannia to Lelouch Lamperouge to hide and escape his true identity. Sparkles* has also acquired the power of Geass as evidently shown on his page as the Album Art for an old Album called “Demos ”, which shows a person using the ablity of Geass.  You can see from what I found and believe the original picture for the Album Art originated from here as the two images appear to be identical. Cassandra could also act sort of as a C.C. character as after C.C.'s memory loss (Vectors: Baby can't you see that you're losing your mind?), C.C. memories reverted back to when she was a child (Vectors: Regress into a child again) in which was a time period of no sort of electronic device which also startled her when she accidentally turned on the television set.  This could also be the same with Cassandra as when she made an appearance on the Soundrop chat, she opened with the line "Where am I"

My attempt at recreating the Demo's Album Art.

DigitalBinaries' Theory on EP 2's Processor & Cassandra

My theory about "Processor", is pretty much about Computers. Computers process all the time, don't they? (The answer is yes, by the way.) There are many, many theories about Cassandra, that pull back to her being a robot or A.I, for example you have the line "We're not just numbers, we are alive." Which, in my opinion, falls back into place with the A.I. The language of computers is binary - everything you see is made up of lots and lots of ones and zeros, all lined up together in streams of coding. The line "we're not just numbers, we are alive" links to binary being the primary language of whoever "we" is, and from what I can gather, it's Sparkles* and Cassandra, unless Sparkles* is singing as another person. (Which part of me doubts.) The fact that they're not just numbers -- "Just" stands out amongst the other words in the line. It means that they are, in fact, numbers, but they are alive, and they feel it. This brings me down to an almost firm decision that they are both A.I's. They know they've been programmed, they know they're just a large amount of binary coding, but they feel alive.
"Processor" to me, already feels as though it's linked to Cassandra pt. II, and considering it's before the claimed "Cassandra pt. V", I am assuming it's the hidden title of "Cassandra pt. IV", although this being an early opinion, I could be very wrong and change my mind in the future. These "Cassandra" songs almost seem to be writing a story of themselves, with "System;Start" being Cassandra pt. I. The name also implies that it's the beginning of a computer booting up for the first time, which is only enforced by the whirring of engines and clanging of metal in the ambience of the track. 
"Processor" is already imposing a heavy influence on me, and I can't shake the feeling that it's either Cassandra or Sparkles* trying to "process" something - Perhaps each other, and how they feel. It's already "known" that Sparkles* and Cassandra are in love. There are many signs that point to this, such as:
"Baby, can't you see that you're losing your mind?" - Vectors, why call someone "baby" if you don't love them?
"In my dreams I feel I'm running, towards her shining light." - Knightmare/Frame, Implies that "she" (Cassandra) Illuminates his dreams.
"That's from the stars, now you fall, down into my arms" - Tokyo House Party, Pretty straight forward; Cassandra finds her way back into Sparkes*' arms.
"You're all I ever wanted." Shi No Barado, this whole song implies that they're in love with each other. I get the feeling that although they love each other, they try to avoid it, but it's so undeniable they can barely hide it. They seem to also want to hate each other, which is impossible. "That's turned you into my enemy. No, it's all in my mind I feel, I gotta save myself before it gets too real." I can't help but feel as though in Cassandra Pt. II, Sparkles* tries to retain his feelings towards Cassandra, and tries to hate her, which is shown in this quote, but he can't. It's all in his mind, that he's found himself hating her, but he must save himself to stop it - He doesn't want to hate her at all.
// I'll update this as I go along ^__^

------------------------------BlueEyedTreeFrogs (incomplete) theory -------------------------------

Cassandra is an AI. Due to the fact that she had no physical body and was trapped alone in a computer / on the internet (echo plane) she started losing her mind."Baby can't you see that you're losing your mind".

The line "broken inside " also refers to her insanity.

She is Echo (she can't really die from natural causes[maybe deletion xD]).

"Echo cried" refers to her sadness and loneliness.

Sparkles* eventually found her and although he's never really seen her and can only communicate to her from behind a computer screen he fell in love with her and decided to try and help her "ego behind this computer screen". He eventually gives up deciding the relationship will never work (rip out all the love from my skin so I can grow)-Bosozoko Syphonic "Cause I know that this will never work out"-Tokyo House Party but comes up with a plan to help her when he remembers the suffering she went through and how lonely she was. He feels guilty about just abandoning her and gives/makes her a possibly body (system;start). He fails though and she almost dies. He is forced to make her part cyborg to save her life. "I watched you slip away
As all our dreams turned into dust" "Exchanging flesh for steel and rust"-Homunculus. The "3 parts to love" might be the fact that Cassandra gains a new body but also loses her immortality. But can now be with Sparkles*. "Something gained Something lost"-Homunculus could also refer to "A part of you you lose and another you receive" -Bosozoko Symphonic

(I copied this text out of a note I had and have no idea how to change the font/size. sorry :(  )

Feel free to add to the theory using these ---> {} {like this}

Hamish's Theory

My theory is that Cassandra isn't actually a physical thing or person but somthing that may appear in Spakles* mind and/or dreams. As pointed out by Scott there is a line in Cassandra (Pt II) that says 'I; your 'savior, you; my muse'  and muse is the source of an artists vision, so maybe Cassandra appears to Sparkles* in his dreams and tells him all the things to put in his songs. Maybe they're warnings of somthing bad to come? 

Chloe also pointed my towards a line in Cassandra (Pt II) that says 'No, it's all in my mind. I feel is should save myself before it gets to real'. Maybe Sparkles is hallucinating? The line 'Hiding inside you' could also be from Cassandra's point of view and saying that she is hiding inside Sparkle*'s mind.  

It's just a theory but if someone has anything to support this then please feel free to add.

-Hamish ^_^

["Hiding inside you" inside his mind? "'No it’s all in my mind' I feel, I should save myself, before this gets too real" it originated in his mind then he started to associate someone with Cassandra noticing their similarities? Hope this helps - Chloe]

Area11Mini's Theory

The 5 parts to Cassandra

This is still half a theory but it will be updated.

Pt 1: System;Start

Pt 2: Cassandra Pt II

Pt 3: Prologue III (Echodeath)

Pt 4: Movement 4 (All The Lights In The Sky)

Pt 5: Cassandra Pt V

They might also be played in reverse order. What makes me think this is that it makes one story playing from Pt 1 to 5, and another from Pt 5 to 1.

Pt 1: Cassandra being uploaded to a machine "are you ready to begin"

Pt 2: Sparkles* and Cassandra in the virtual world of the machine

Pt 3: Unknown

Pt 4: S* explains love for Cassandra (machine Caassandra has no emotion)

Pt 5: Unknown

Pt 5: Unknown

Pt 4: Unknown

Pt 3: Unknown

Pt 2: Sparkles* and Cassandra have one last time in the virtual world of the machine

Pt 1: Cassandra being transferred from the machine back to the real world "are you ready to begin"

Now I think with those songs put together that they will form a story... but it won't be clear until Pt V is released.

UnknownAK's Theory


Hi my name is UnknownAK and after reading a lot about Digital Haunt and listening through the list of songs we have i decided to compile my own thoughts and ideas here. I thought it would be awkward to seperate all of my ideas onto each of the existing pages so i just decided to compile my thoughts here. So here we go, let me know what you think!

If you want to make any edits to this page please make them clearly defined from my own or add a subheading at the bottom.

I will be adding to this page as time progresses and we learn more.


As most people will be able to guess we know that Cassandra is not actually a physical person but a sort of AI or a ghost in the system as you may prefer. From what i can guess she wasn't always like this and was in fact a person.

When she was originally discovered/uploaded she was in the anologue format (probably during the Ghost Cassete days), however just like everything else anologue became obselete because of how its data slowly degrades over time. This same problem is what is happening to Cassandra with her slowly fading away.

In an attempt to save her Sparkles* is attempting to convert to a digital format but makes it clear on her worry about the change "we're not just numbers, we are alive" (digital data is made up of binary aka numbers whilst anologue is physical data). This process of format changing appears to take place in the song 'System;Start' or at least some time after this.

The name Digital Haunt is extremely striking because you would presume it is referring to something after death. Next pointing to 'Haunt' referring to Cassandra being dead and the ghost of her being trapped in this machine. The easiest way i could explain it is that 'Transcendence' movie that is coming out. If you watch the trailer/the film (depending on when you are reading this) it might make the idea clearer of her mind being took from her body and put into the machine and turned into a living system.

I would like to also bring in the idea that she may have never been a human at all and may actually just be a manifestation of the system put into some kind of comunnicatable form, and that Sparkles* has managed to capture the system in this form. This is a more different approach and idea to it but what the hell Sparks* is a crazy so this may have been where he was going with it.

The Reason For The Music So this brings me onto the point of the music in correlation to the story. I have 2 main theories for this:

1) The songs are not directly related to the stories but leave subtle little words and sentences that piece together to make up our story and more and more will be revealed as more and more songs come out.

2) The songs of 'All The Lights In The Sky' are all being sung directly to Cassandra herself. This would link from how the first song is 'System;Start' and in that she is awoken and then abruptly the beginning of 'Vectors' starts playing right at the end leading on to skip to 'Vectors'. The only real reason i guess for this would be to appeal to her to switch to the Digital format in order to be saved/carry on her relationship with Sparkles*

This is all i have for this part. You got any ideas about this? Add another idea to list using 3), 4), etc

Project S* Okay moving onto 'Project S*' as it has been dubbed, i guess the overall reason for Digital Haunt in the first place. My thoughts are that it is aimed towards being some kind of short film or video that tells the story that we learn from the songs. The whole think Sparks* said about him "working on the idea for the last 7 years and it may take another 10 for it to even be made public". A film of any length would probably still take a long time to make and so maybe Sparkles* is waiting and working on his ideas and then will end up actually starting development on the film.

I think the short film idea is my strongest one and the one that i am going to stick to. I would love to think that Sparkles* is working on some extremely high tech machine to be able to transplant a mind into a computer but i highly doubt that xDD. So to me overall Project S* is most likely going to be A) a youtube video or B) a short film, both of these telling the story of Cassandra, the ghost in the machine and how she ended up there and Sparkles* attempts to have a relationship with her/set her free.

Ending Well thats all my theories for this, if you can think of any changes the add some to this.

UnknownAK's much better and shorter theory

Okay so after a lot of listening to the albums and even ghost cassette i have come up with some more ideas and even more different ones. So my new theory to what Digital Haunt is all going towards is possibly an anime that Sparkles* is creating due to the time frame he mentions. It makes me think this even more watching the "All The Lights In The Sky COMPLETE" video on the area 11 channel that is essentially a very short anime trailer for the album. This anime would use the story of Digital Haunt and Sparkles* attempts to either help or free Cassandra. I guess this theory is heavily backed by the amount of anime references and themes used in the song so why wouldn't he want to make his own?, especially considering how good it would be if it used Digital Haunt as a story!

I also have a new idea about Cassandra. Cassandra was dying from something (possibly cancer due to the ghost cassette song title "Fear Of Cancer") and in an attempt to save her Sparkles* but her in stasis (which you see in the video) whilst he finds out what to do to help her. As a way of communicating with her he manages to create a machine to directly send and recieve data from her brain (the 11th area) and that is what we hear during "System;Start".

Due to the amount of anologue vs digital related lyrics i have to give it a mention so, when she was first put into stasis (possibly suring "The Tape") they were using the anologue format to store her conscience and keep her in stasis. However as it has been years (possibly 200 days because of the lyric "200 sleepless nights alone") since they first put her in, and the world has switched to digital because of the degradation of anologue data. Sparkles* is realising that she is fading away because the data is slowly becoming damaged and is struggling to find some way of fixing her. In comes "System;Start" where Sparkles* has realised her physical form is irrepairably damaged and would take far too long to find a fix so he decides to upload her conscience to computer data in the digital format so that she can live forever, this can be seen from her eyes opening at the end of the video and it showing a world appearing around her. Presumably this may mean that Sparkles* has found a away of creating a world for her to exist in that seems like the normal world in order to keep her sanity.


So after listening to the backwards and subtitled version of "EchoDeath" it gives some more information on either Cassandra's first being put into stasis during "The Tape" or after she was transferred to digital during "System;Start". It talks about how angry and vicious she is, presumably because she believes she is being held prisoner rather than being helped. This has led her to start plotting against Sparkles*/Inertia Corp. This evil intent may be from "The Tape" and so this is why she accepted to be transferred during "System;Start" in order to be able to access more and be able to make a stronger rebellion/attack. If you watch the music video for "The Tape" this may be Cassandra's first signs of anger about being trapped inside the machine and so takes out revenge on the band member in the video. This theory also points out that the eerie and weird tape was in fact Cassandra or at least some kind of visualisation of her.

Something interesting to note is that Sparkles* seems to be whispering the lyrics in echodeath. This could be that she escaped/overpowered Inertia Corp and killed all the members but forgot about Sparkles* and so he is hiding inside the facility/building (kind of like Ratman from the Portal series). However the whispering could just be the effect of the reverse of the song but i still think its interesting to note.

Another idea is that the lyrics are referring to her misunderstanding what is happening. As they are transferring her across to digigtal she sees it as them destroying her world "And he was confessedly accused to destroy all she loved, her kingdom, the voice", so this makes her think that they are trying to destroy her rather than help her. We also learn of what she thinks of herself in this world as the God Echo "For the world she loved had been destroyed, And the God Echo cried"

Overall we get a lot more of a sinister theme from Echodeath, than the mysterious theme of the other songs. I do think that Echodeath and "The Tape" are linked both in theme and also how they portray Cassandra, maybe these 2 give us the true view of her whilst Sparkles* sees the biased version of her.

Will update when new songs are added!

Kaz's Collection of Ideas

While I won't be making a rigid, single theory, I will be updating this section with possibilities I've drawn from my observations of Area 11's lyrics.

The Echoplane: A Virtual Reality? A safe haven? A place where love was found?'''

This mini-theory is founded mostly on the lyrics from Cassandra pt. II.

I am suggesting that Sparkles* and Cassandra first met through a mysterious computer program that immerses the user in a virtual reality, dubbed the Echoplane. Only they two have found this program. The program depicts a barren wasteland(ATLITS art) but they are still intruiged by the odd program. Eventually they meet and form a strong bond between each other. However, the program malfunctions and locks Sparkles* out and traps Cassandra inside of it. Sparkles* then wants to bring Cassandra back out of the Echoplane(System; Start). 

"Still, although it doesn't really matter now" (indicates that something happened, and it can't be changed or undone now- we'll get to that later)

"can't believe it but I got so far, I got so far behind, my love" (Sparkles* was so obsessed with the Echoplane and Cassandra, he fell behind in matters regarding the real world)

"You use me and I use you" (a mutual benefit)

"I; your saviour, you; my muse" (Perhaps Cassandra had suffered from depression and needed some kind of way to escape the burdens of reality. She found the Echoplane and then Sparkles*, who subsequently became her sole companion through her tough times? / Sparkles*, inspired by his love for Cassandra, and his wonder for the Echoplane, started writing music.)


"You stare at me with omnivorous eyes // 'You want a reaction, want a reaction" (This line may be set in the time they first met. Cassandra takes all of the details in, observing Sparkles*'s mannerisms intently. She is inspecting him, gauging how much she can trust him. She confirms that Sparkles* is human by checking if he reacts to emotional stimuli.)


"You wear a red dress when you're in a bullfight // You're drawing attention to your double life" (This may be an insight into what Sparkles* thinks of Cassandra. She seems to be a very distracting person in his opinion, always taking the spotlight intentionally or unintentionally. Her real life may be a point of interest for Sparkles*, as his attention is drawn to her "double life"- her first life is in the real world, and her second life is in the Echoplane.)


"In dreams I'm coming to find you // But when I wake I want anyone else" (The "dreams" may be a metaphor for the Echoplane, as it is not physical. He wanders around the Echoplane with Cassandra, searching for clues about its purpose. In the real world, he pretends that nothing is going on, hoping to hide the Echoplane from others. He pushes all thoughts of Cassandra and the Echoplane to the back of his head until he returns to his computer.)


"Cause I don't love you // That's what I'm telling myself"

(Sparkles* doesn't want to get attached to Cassandra)

"This was the moment, this was the place This was the night that everything changed I’m hiding from you
Hiding from you
Hiding from you

(The place: The Echoplane. The moment: Unclear, however, there seems to have been a sudden development which caused everything to change. Also, this moment happened at night, however, it's unknown whether this is an important detail or not. The way Sparkles* grouped the moment and place together makes it probable that the event is linked to the Echoplane.

The lyrics "Hiding from you" suggest that the event broke Sparkles*' trust towards Cassandra. Is it possible he found something about he discovered a frightening aspect to Cassandra, making him fear or doubt her? Is that why he's hiding from her? 

It's certainly possible, however, there might be another meaning...

It's possible that he may not have been hiding from Cassandra herself, but his memories of Cassandra. There may have been some cataclysmic event that tore them apart- for example, a breakdown of the system? Maybe the Echoplane locked itself; Cassandra, unluckily, was locked in while Sparkles* was locked out.)

"We’re not just numbers, we are alive (the revelation that they are human, unlike anything else in the Echoplane) A digital haunt in an analogue life 

(A metaphor? 

Digital: discrete data, permanent as long as data remains undamaged, flexible, binary data.

Their life inside the Echoplane is the digital haunt. It leaves a lasting, permanent impression upon Sparkles* and Cassandra. Its flexibility may be the fact that a computer program can be as unrealistic as its creator desires, while life is bound by its consistent, unchangeable laws of physics.)

Analogue: smoothly varied continuous data, not permanent, inflexible, wave signals.

Their real life is the analogue life. It is not permanent because all life ends someday. It is inflexible because it is bound by rules and physical laws.)

I'm hiding from you,

Hiding from you

Hiding inside you

Cause we are the same" (mutual interest in the Echoplane; similar reasons for seeking it? Another reference to their common trait of humanity?)

"Wait, just wait for me and I’ll come around

(come to the Echoplane)

Pack up, log on and we'll leave this town

(Logging onto the Echoplane, not unlike you would log onto an MMO. They are leaving reality and entering virtual reality)

(We'll leave this town suggests that Sparkles* lives in the same town as Cassandra)

And we'll run around and live in secret worlds 

('This is an interesting line. The fact that "'secret world''s" is in the plural suggests that there could be multiple worlds and the Echoplane is one of them. Or the Echoplane is a "hubworld" for several subworlds.'')

And say our secret words
" (These "secret words" could be information that they found in the Echoplane. It could also refer to passwords for logging on to the Echoplane.)

"And I'm still encrypted, I am a machine The ego behind this computer screen

(This encryption may not be a literal encryption but a mystery behind Sparkles* behaviour towards Cassandra; he may have acted abrasive towards Cassandra purposefully to convince her(and himself) that he doesn't feel emotionally attached to her.)

My best friend that I've never seen (They have only seen each other through the Echoplane) I turn you into my enemy" (Sparkles*' abrasiveness went too far?)

"No it’s all in my mind I feel (The Echoplane is only a virtual reality, nothing more) I should save myself, before this gets too real" (Is this Sparkles*' final thoughts in the Echoplane? He saved himself from being trapped inside the Echoplane, unlike Cassandra. The Echoplane became her only reality, explaining how it got "too real".)

Now that the lyrics are done with, here's a brief timeline:

Sparkles* finds Cassandra. 

They discover that they are mutually human.

They travel through the Echoplane, looking for information of some sort.

The system malfunctions(shuts down? emergency procedure?)

Fast forward to System; Start. Sparkles* is trying to rescue Cassandra from the Echoplane by reinserting her into a body(her own or someone else's?).

Jonny's Theory

Cassandra is a broken AI and the echoplane is something to allow her to keep conciousness while they search her programming in a digital haunt to find the bug (vectors: something broken inside you). In system;start they are doing checks before fully reactivating her.

The bug is causing halucinations and her irational mind is trying to rationalize things which is just ,aking things worse. This is suggested by vectors as sparkles* repeatedly says 'Baby can’t you see that you’re losing your mind, that you’re losing your mind?' and 'Reach out your hands and you tear me apart'. She is overreacting to the halucinations and slowly destroying herself.

Neko's Thought That's Probably Been Said Already

Are You Listening? might be where Sparkles* (or whoever he proxies for) comes into contact with Inertia Corporation for the first time. Other songs suggest Cassandra needs 'upgrades' to continue on after something goes wrong with her.

The line 'Put all the blame on me' in AYL? - whatever happens to Cassandra, Sparkles* is the one to take the blame.

'So what you feel?' - Wondering how the 'upgrades' are affecting Cassandra.

Perhaps a digital world was produced so Cassandra could still interact with those in the outside world (Cassandra (ptII)). Prologue III reflects the destruction of the digital world.

AYL? and Cassandra (ptII) have 'This is the moment' in common, possibly implying the events are around the same time.

Back to Inertia, 'The rope that pulls me from the pit, now hangs around my neck.' Sparkles* is now a puppet of Inertia [In Euphemia, 'I became your puppet master' may not have meant Sparkles* or Lelouch]. Taking a leap of faith here but perhaps Cassandra is in fact really powerful and Inertia knew this, and they now hold the two lives (Sparkles* and Cassandra) to keep each other in check.

Multiple Personality Disorder was brought up a while ago (cannot remember where or who by - sorry) and that could be one of the side-effects of the 'upgrades'. This is backed up a bit by the Soundrop appearance - when Cassandra said she doesn't know Sparkles*. Although, it could be as I suggested earlier that Sparkles* is merely a proxy for someone else in the eyes of this world and that would mean the two have never met (probably).

There's three parts to love... or this love at the least.

1-Cassandra who remembers Sparkles* (Analogue)

2-Cassandra who doesn't remember Sparkles* (Digital)


A part of you you lose - memories.

Another you recieve - upgrades.

'Here I break with the concept though it's central to the piece' - the original plan (Digital Haunt? Something between Cassandra and Sparkles*?) has been compromised.

"Leave my mark on the canvas, that only you can see' - He needs to tell her but can't risk Inertia from seeing it.

System;Start can be seen as Cassandra's awakening. We hear Sparkles* asking if she's ready. While this could be anyone in the story, it would make more sense for it to be Sparkles* (or who he is proxy for) since they knew Cassandra before and no one knew what would happen - better to be awoken by a familiar than a stranger.

In The Blind feature more heavily explictt references to the explosion. 'And trigger the explosion' - Inertia destroys the digital world. 'Watched from our vantage point at the edge of the explosion' - the explosion was visible in their world (the non-digital one). Now, take the song Dream and Reality: what if the two were merging and that's why they had to destroy the digital world - preventing calamity in reality.


And then I just remembered the Echoplane was a thing. The name of the digital world?

Owl's theory

Okay so this is the rough storyline that I think the Digital Haunt is about, but since there's obviously still puzzle pieces missing it's not complete. Song analysis

(Also I will refer to the main character as Sparkles* even though it's not sure it's him.)

So basically Cassandra speaks to Sparkles* in his dream/mind. She helps him sing (possibly his lungs are not working properly) and in return he helps her escape from the Echoplane. She is rebelling against it, is possibly going to be executed? and has to flee.

In the process of Cassandra escaping the Echoplane is destroyed by Cassandra but she is very severely hurt, she falls into Sparkles*' arms and they watch the explosion together in safety. Sparkles* is horrified over this but it was Cassandra's intention and she didn't tell him. Sparkles* feels betrayed but when he looks into her eyes he knows that he has to save her because he is still in love with her.

So he places her in a cryotic frozen state whilst he works on saving her, questioning his feelings for her and her betrayal, realising that she never loved him but only used him for her own sake. He makes some sort of machine/computer, transferring Cassandra from her human form into a digital form (maybe a cyborg with a computer brain? Maybe just her consciousness into a computer). And this transformation is her rebirth.

RyanAHixon's Findings on the Subject of Big Bang Correlations

In the Blind

"Red-shift bathes the hours when it’s weakest."

A possible reference to the inflation caused by the Big Bang. Focusing on the concept of red-shift, if all stars are moving away from each other, as they are currently in most cases, the Doppler effect deems that they shall appear red. This is because the movement of the star itself and the space that surrounds it stretches the wavelength to a red type.

"a single electron moving in all directions and all times as we watch from our vantage point at the edge of the explosion."

"a single electron moving in all directions and all times" could refer to the singularity that the Big Band originated from. Both are indefinitely small particles. The singularity underwent inflation and expanded its energy in all directions. Moving in all directions might not mean the sum position of the particle is changing, but rather its boundaries. "as we watch from our vantage point at the edge of the explosion.", more specifically "vantage point at the edge of the explosion" may refer to the plasma wall at the edge of out visible universe. The wall is 14 billion year old light from plasma that is just now reaching Earth. We cannot see beyond it as the light has not reached us yet. And to us this wall would represent the edge of the Big Band "explosion".

Override A

"Dihydrogen prism of fate"

"Dihydrogen" may refer to deuterium, a hydrogen isotope consisting of a neutron and a proton. One of the chemical symbols for deuterium is 2H which can be interpreted as "Two hydrogen" as dihydrogen literally means, although its meaning is supposed to be "Second Hydrogen". Assuming these are meant to be the same thing, the molecules of dihydrogen  were almost all formed during the Big Bang. Enough said on that.

Bōsōzoku Symphonic / 4th Movement

"All the lights in the sky, Are falling to the ground."

Might refer to the Big Crunch hypothesis. In It, gravity stops the universe from expanding and has it fall in on itself. The lights being stars and the ground being the origin or Earth, the stars are moving back onto a singular point as in the hypothesis.

Fear of Cancer

"Well the skies collapsed as the gas diffused"

Reference to supernovas? In super novas, the star essentially explodes, spewing gasses everywhere. Diffusing them. And for any planet close enough their skies would be destroyed by the intensity of the plasma wave. It might also refer to the Big Bounce, which suggests that the universe exists in cycles. Essentially: Big Bang, Big Crunch, singularity, repeated. Collapsing skies referring to the Big Crunch and diffusing gas referring to the inflation encountered during the Big Bang

SonicJohn's "Ice Lake" "Reincarnation" theor(ies)y

This theory mostly pertains to the Underline Album and its songs, although I have seen elements of this in some ATLITS songs. (Currently just reserving this space, I have the theory in my head just haven't had the time to write it down yet.)

Lux's Digital Haunt Digital Novel Theory

Okay so I was sat in Radio 11 minding my own buisiness, then decided to try to Transcribe the spoken-word in In The Blind to the best of my ability, when suddenly something struck me. It's not smart or well-thought out, just possible.

What if. And this is a very very big if.

Digital Haunt was created for the sole purpose of intruigue, to capture us Elevens in like flies in a spiders web. For us to look into these anime-based songs (for the most part) and over-analyse as we do. Yet what if on the sidelines, Sparkles* is just watching, looking for the best theories, and he takes them and turns them into something slightly different, and boom. Digital Haunt. 

What I'm trying to say is, we could be unknowingly writing the book for him, you know.

United Martian's Thoughts and Theories

A few things I've been thinking about, I will add more and develop this as time goes on. Please feel free to copy or criticize as much as you want.

1. What does the lyrics "Omnivorous Eyes" in Cassandra, Pt. II mean? At first I was thinking; "Omnivores eat both plants and meat. Maybe that's related to how Cassandra uses both analogue and digital?" However, the literal definition of omnivorous is "All Devouring." So the lyric might be interpreted as "All Devouring Eyes;"

2. Leo states that Cassandra, Pt. II is the only song in ATLITS that isn't based on an anime. I've found out what all the other songs are based off (even System;Start), but I cannot find what anime Bōsōzoku Symphonic is based off. I may have just not found it, but does anybody know?

3. In Movement 4 of Bōsōzoku Symphonic, Sparkles* sings about breaking from 'the concept.' What is the concept?

4. Who's perspective is Cassandra, Pt. II coming from, and who is it referring to? Some lyrics ("You wear a red dress when you're in a bull fight") suggest that it is referring to a girl, most likely Cassandra. But the lyrics And "I’m still encrypted, I am a machine" suggest that is is being sung from Cassandra's point of view, if we go with the theory that Cassandra is somehow a program/machine/cyborg/uploaded conscious etc. Is it Sparkles* singing to Cassandra, and thus, Sparkles* is encoded? Or is there a third party involved, most likely Echo?

- My theory is that Cassandra, Pt. II is sung from Cassandra's POV, and is sung to/about Echo. Cassandra is hiding from Echo, but is in the Echoplane. Echo, as the God of the Echoplane, is somehow entwined with the realm. Thus, Cassandra can be both hiding from Echo, and hiding inside Echo, as Echo is intertwined with the Echoplane. This theory goes on to suggest that Echo and Cassandra are somehow "the same." I think they may possibly be the same race. In Greek Mythology, Echo is an Oread, a type of Nymph. Maybe Cassandra is as well. It may even be possible that they are sisters, but that's just peculation.

5. On the lyric "Do you want to live inside the hive" in Prologue III. I was reading the Wikipedia page on ARGs, and in the section 'Basic Design Principles of ARGs,' it says that ARGs are 'Designed for a Hive Mind.' A Hive Mind refers to a collective conscious, or in the case of ARGs, it refers to the combined intelligence of the people working together to solve the problem. Maybe Sparkles* is referencing a collective conscious, or perhaps directly referencing Digital Haunt itself.

6. There are a lot of references to human weakness in the lyrics. Two of the best and most direct examples of this are:

Marionette; Push your human weakness aside.

Homunculus; Human's are just weaknesses, that's what you believe. But now I've come to realize that's simply jealousy.

Lots of the songs imply this as well, especially Ghost Cassette songs. It is worth noting in these examples that it's not just refering to human weakness, but to somebody's interpretation of human weakness. It is possible that character singing Homunculus, in that line, is referring to the character singing Marionette (an other Ghost Cassette songs), disagreeing with their view on human weakness.

7. In The Blind's lyrics seem to be closely linked with that of Override [A]'s. References to Ice (Frozen as in foetal, Under the ice, Dihydrogen Prism), the womb, (Frozen as in foetal, The life giver will take away, claw yourself out of the womb), and solipsism (An internalized ideal of what I believe to be reality, Solipsistic sentence), to name a few. Judging by the first verse of Override [A], there was a deformed, unborn child, who's mother decided to abort the fetus, to prevent it living a life of pain (or perhaps influenced by solipsism, as if the child wasn't real, a making the abortion a "solipsistic sentence"), however it survived. This seems almost self evident.

I continue to theorize that, later on in their life, as the child's body was useless, they attempted to use early (analogue) technology to upload the consciousness of the child to be preserved. This is the "are you ready to die... to be more than they say you are" etc. and the "here on the alter you'll give your life for a reason to live." After dying, it would likely take a long time to upload the mind, so they'd "patiently wait your return." After being uploaded, they'd be the "ghost in the tape."

As I continue along this strand of thought, my theories become less and less reliable, but I still feel they have some use to them so I'll write them down. Suppose, while transferring from their physical form to the analogue mind, they're was some sort of supernatural influence. This can basically explain every other lyric in Override [A]. After being physically killed the child journeys through another plane, "cast into Gehenna you'll burn, cleanse from the fire's inside," then having to escape this other dimension, "can the ego you've sculpted endure the escape."

8. Continuing on from number 7, and tying my theories together, comes this idea;

Cassandra was a deformed feotus, whose mother attempted to abort her. However, she survived, albeit disabled. As she grew older, and her body failed, Cassandra decided to be uploaded to preserve her consciousness. At the time only primitive analogue technology can be used. She goes through with it. As she is being uploaded she goes to the Echoplane, sort of like a Limbo. There she meets Echo (who is the narrator of Override [A]). Echo encourages Cassandra to push her "human weakness" aside, and helps Cassandra fully upload to the new format, but she retains connection to the Echoplane. Echo falls in love with Cassandra. Later on, they are also the singer of Cassandra Pt. II

The Purpose of Underline

This isn't so much a theory, more so a collection of ideas about Underline. I think that the whole point of Underline was to show us ARGers where to look for clues. The EP is putting emphasis on certain songs and when you want to emphasise something you underline it. Are You Listening is at the beginning of the EP to tell us to pay attention to the lyrics ("are you really listening?") and the lyrics reference some of the other songs, most importantly I think, Cassandra, Pt. II ("This was the night, and this was the place. This was the moment, this was the moment."). If you look at the lyrical analysis sections of the Are You Listening and In The Blind pages you'll see that a lot of the lyrics could be in reference to other songs and the titles could suggest their relevance (i.e. Are You Listening - there's something in the lyrics of the songs that we're ignoring and In The Blind - there's something we don't know, or are in the blind, about the songs). Override [A] seems to telling more of a story than the other two and I think that any clues in it are important, especially since Sparks* said that none of the songs in Underline are about anime, therefore there's a different reason for the choice of lyrics.

Zelphium's Theory

I believe that the music is Cassandra in her digital form. This idea began when I listened to Cassandra pt. II over and over again, as I heard the lyrics "I can't believe it; that I got so far, I got so far behind, my love. You use me and I use you, I; your savior, you; my muse". Think about it. And after I noticed that, I went on a mass spree; finding things that add to my theory. Sparkles* uses a analogue/digital recording studio, allowing Cassandra to live in the separate worlds. Also, in the System;Start video, Brodmann Area 11 does not come online. BA11 is the area that converts short-term memories into long-term, and so she forgets Sparkles*. At the moment, I am working on this theory with sparkeight.  "You use me and I use you" In music the players and the music needs to stay together by using each other "You use me and I use you" In music the players and the music needs to stay together by using each other"You use me and I use you" In music the players and the music needs to stay together by using each other

Elfdemon's Deuterium Theory

This theory is very small and doesn't have much evidence to support it. It is just a thought.

On Dan Bull's song, Kicky Kicky Flow, an Area 11 Logo appeared in the corner of a notebook page. On the page next to it, there was a drawing of Deuterium. Sparkles' Tumblr page is called The Edge of the Explosion. Sparkles has hinted before that The Edge of the Explosion has something to to with Digital Haunt. So, my theory is that the Deuterium has something to do with the Explosion.  Deuterium is used in heavy water moderated fission reactors, so maybe the explosion is a nuclear explosion. 

Here is a Wikipedia page for Deuterium: On this page, it states that  The deuterium isotope's name is formed from the Greek deuteros meaning "second", to denote the two particles composing the nucleus. Sparkles* and Leo have also hinted that Greek mythology has something to do with Digital Haunt. Maybe deuteros (second) is the 2 in Cassandra pt 2, and Cassandra has something to do with Greek mythology, paticles, nuclei, or something like that.

Also, stars and the sky have something to do with Digital Haunt. On that same wiki page, it states that deuterium is destroyed in the interiors of stars.

I am not sure how any of this is connected, but it doesn't seem like a coincidence that Greek mythology, deuterium, and stars are all in one place. Maybe I'm thinking to much of it.....

(Additional Information: The google definition for nucleus is: "the central and most important part of an object, movement, or group, forming the basis for its activity and growth." So maybe Cassandra is the nucleus of the Echoplane, or the Echoplane is the nucleus of the digital world, or something like that.)

Versus Theories

""Hands in the air" Salute or surrender?" - Confusion about what to do; confused about which side they're on?

"They look the same, the Right-Left-Rights," - Everyone's been brainwashed / 'They' are all mindlessly doing whatever they're told, like soldiers (right, left, right). Could possibly link to "Another mind homogenized" from 'Are You Listening?', and Fear of Cancer's music video (taken from the film Metropolis).

"Virus in our heads... manipulates our thoughts" - Something in Cassandra and/or Sparkles* minds that's controlling how they think. Potentially the cause of the brainwashing stated before, which would imply others have had the same thing done, but S* and Cassandra are more resistant? Maybe the scientists have implemented this after learning about Cassandra's plans to kill herself (Override [A])?

"What it is we're dying for? Fighting for?" - Implies that they're dying for a cause, but in doing so they're fighting against it. Further backs up theory linking to Override [A].

"Defect/Comply" - Two different sides (linking to "Choose your side"), one being to go along and be 'manipulated', and the other side, which S* and/or Cassandra seem to be on, rising against their attempted puppet masters.

"The X, The Y" - Could link to X and Y chromosomes, which may imply that the X and the Y, i.e. the males and the females, are the same(could link to brainwashing / mind control theory?). It could also be referencing axes on a grid, or co-ordinates.

"This is the Volta" - A Volta (literary) is a dramatic shift or change in thoughts or emotion, often in Poetry, it is considered to be an essential part of any sonnet or poem. Has [whoever's perspective this song is sung from] realised something? Maybe they were initially supportive of the war, but are no longer.

"Little soldier, little girl" - who is the girl? Is it Cassandra? Maybe the soldier is S* and the girl is Cassandra?

"Used to love this fucking world" - Maybe the little girl got killed? Maybe the little girl is the soldier and this has changed her outlook on the world. If true, 'little girl' may represent her naivete and 'little soldier' would represent the knowledge she has gained through experience. 

"Urges for Sororicide" - who's sister is this? Could Cassandra want to kill her sister? It could be S* referencing Cassandra, and she's not so much a biological sister but someone very close to S*?

"Apostates alone lacerate distant skies" - (An apostate - someone who renounces their religion, political party, cause, etc.) who are the apostates? Is this some sort of religious or political war?

"Can you remember / Can we remember" - Sounds like something's occurred throughout the song, meaning [the person who's POV the song's from] is now having their own doubts about their memories or this 'war' has been occurring/ continued for so many years that they forgot what it is they are fighting for, dying for.

Quickhakkers/iaindudes crackpot theories

  • Are you listening?
    • In are you listening there is obvious talk about looking back ("is this nostalgia or love" "as we fade into hindsight") and to the first album ATLITS ("and we'll still look to the lights in the sky" "this was the moment this was the place this was the moment" right at the end of the song)
    • this links to casandra part 2 the start of the whole digital haunt, but there may have been something changed in casandra part 2 when the album was re-released on spotify.
  • 7
    • just as a random spark of insanity here, the number 7 (i feel) is very relevant to the whole digital haunt
    • On the main page its said about it being 7 years, casandra part 2 is also track 7 on ATLITS
    • aditionally i doubt this to be all a mistake (aside maybe the seven years on the main page part) this wiki was named by s* to be digital haunt, they made it the 7th track on ATLITS so 7 maybe having a big part of it all
  • The power of three
    • All starting with the line "theres three parts to love or so i belive" there are 5 (at the moment) albums that have 3 songs exactly these are
      • Blackline
      • Knightmare/frame
      • GO!FAP
      • Heaven-piercing gigga drill
      • Underline
    • The three parts to love are Intimacy, Passion and commitment [1]
  • Haiku theory
    • this is a not fully thought out as the rest (including below) but area 11 are known for doing japanese references in there work, so i was thinking haiku
    • rules of haiku 3 lines with a 5/7/5 stucture (again the three and seven being refferenced)

Blackline theory

before i get into the theory im gonna explain that alternate reality game (ARG) is usually started in the gaming world and then clues and such like lead to places and events that are in the real world, seeing as this ARG starts in the real world whats stopping it from going into the gaming world?

go onto youtube and look for all of area 11's blackline edtition videos, there are only 3 blackline music videos

  • euphemia
  • Heaven peircing gigga drill
  • the legendary sannin

the first has no music video what so ever its just like the original version of ATLITS album when it was youtubified just a title card and nothing else, HPGD was set in minecraft/real world so again it went from real life to video game, but that lead to giggacraft

lastly legendary sannin, so what if the echoplane is the area that you fight the corupt music and demons, the main demon that introduces himself at the start is echo itself and you are s* or an entity created by s* to go to the echplane and each mini demon you fight and free is parts of casandra and your freeing her into a human consiouns and that leads into system:start