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Songs With Lyrics Relating to Time[]


Robbed of my eternity.

The Strays[]

Time’s stepped away from me

Dream & Reality[]

Two hundred sleepless nights alone

That this is our moment, our chance to shine

Twenty four years of biding my time

Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill[]

Time stops as we combine

Are You Listening?[]

The time slips off our lives

This was the night, and this was the place. This was the moment, this was the moment

The Contract[]

You’ve spent a lifetime locked in the same mindset


Middle child of eternity

I’m only building what I meant
To do so many lives ago

Panacea and the Prelogue[]

I didn't mean to let the years go by
Waiting for love

I'd follow you, but not this time

I'm sorry that I let you down, let you down, a lifetime ago

Hold in mind
What you value, is it worth the time?


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5:01 on the ginza line


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