Songs With Lyrics Relating to TimeEdit


Robbed of my eternity.

The StraysEdit

Time’s stepped away from me

Dream & Reality Edit

Two hundred sleepless nights alone

That this is our moment, our chance to shine

Twenty four years of biding my time

Heaven-Piercing Giga DrillEdit

Time stops as we combine

Are You Listening?Edit

The time slips off our lives

This was the night, and this was the place. This was the moment, this was the moment

The Contract Edit

You’ve spent a lifetime locked in the same mindset

Watchmaker Edit

Middle child of eternity

I’m only building what I meant
To do so many lives ago

Panacea and the Prelogue Edit

I didn't mean to let the years go by
Waiting for love

I'd follow you, but not this time

I'm sorry that I let you down, let you down, a lifetime ago

Hold in mind
What you value, is it worth the time?


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