User Theories

  • Are you listening?
    • In are you listening there is obvious talk about looking back ("is this nostalgia or love" "as we fade into hindsight") and to the first album ATLITS ("and we'll still look to the lights in the sky" "this was the moment this was the place this was the moment" right at the end of the song)
    • this links to casandra part 2 the start of the whole digital haunt, but there may have been something changed in casandra part 2 when the album was re-released on spotify.
  • 7
    • just as a random spark of insanity here, the number 7 (i feel) is very relevant to the whole digital haunt
    • On the main page its said about it being 7 years, casandra part 2 is also track 7 on ATLITS
  • The power of three
    • All starting with the line "theres three parts to love or so i belive" there are 5 (at the moment) albums that have 3 songs exactly these are
      • Blackline
      • Knightmare/frame
      • GO!FAP
      • Heaven-piercing gigga drill
      • Underline
    • The three parts to love are Intimacy, Passion and commitment [1]