The Speaker
Sparkles*, who voices him
Gender Likely Male
Age Unknown
Voiced By Sparkles*
Residence Unknown
Citizenship Unknown

The Speaker is a fan placeholder name for the character whose point of view the lyrics of Digital Haunt related songs are spoken from.

Not much is known about him (in fact, it has not been confirmed if he is the same person in all songs), as his actions described in the lyrics tend to be vague and metaphorical. What can be inferred though is that his story is one of sadness and rage.

Additionally, he seems to have a very strong relationship to Cassandra, although the nature of it is unclear as it appears to change throughout each song. At certain points they seem close to love, at others, they seem to hate each other.

In many theories on this site, many tend to refer to him as Sparkles*, however, this is likely not the case. It has been stated that while the members of Area 11 are part of the Digital Haunt Universe, they are not active participants.


Key QuotesEdit

"I'm at an ember, will you take my story?"
"I want no role in your altercation, Call me alumni"
"I am the fury, I am hypocrisy"
"I wanna die for a reason, I wanna kill for a cause"
"The only melodies that I could ever call mine were friendship and lust"
"We'll keep our faith alive, we'll raise our voices"
"We're not just numbers, we are alive. A digital haunt in an analogue life"
"So single-mindedly I toiled on my own, so I shouldn't be surprised to find myself alone; solo"
"I've fucking had enough"

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