Team 11 is a fancorps site created for elevens to interact and gain rewards. Team 11 can be found here:

The primary purpose of Team 11 is to reward what Elevens are already doing to support and promote the band on social media. Team 11 gives you points every time you post about the band, purchase gig tickets, or purchase Area 11 merchandise. Area 11 sets 'missions' which you can choose to complete. You get points for completing these missions, and these points can be spent in the rewards store. The rewards store currently has gig tickets and Area 11 T-shirts and hoodies available for purchase with reward points. However, it has been hinted that exclusive tracks and even chances to meet the band may be made available in the future.

The secondary purpose of Team 11 is to inform Elevens of what the band wants to be shared on social media. The missions will often be very specific. In a Facebook post, Area 11 said, "For a mainstream band with huge amounts of money and a team behind them, things like this aren't necessary, but for us it's vital. You get to choose what you get involved with, if you get involved at all."

Also in their Facebook post, their closing words were, "We want to grow as a band, and we don't want to do it by giving control away to people with money, we want to try a new way, by being honest with our fans and reaching out to them to help us. What we want to do is to let you guys help us (if you want to!) and we want to reward you for doing that. This is what Team 11 is about. It's a street team, but for the digital era."

Social media missions include following Area 11 on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and Reverbnation.

Team 11 BannerEdit

It may be worth noting that the banner for the Team 11 page includes a logo that differs from the normal logo.

It may also be relevant that "BA6" is included in the background behind "11". This background is also found on Area 11's Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube pages.

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