Solution Phase 3
Released October 14, 2016
Recorded 2015/2016
Length 26:18
Label GhostOfRecords
Producer Sparkles*

THE SOLUTION: PHASE THREE is the third in an album series released independently by Sparkles*. PHASE THREE was set to release on December 20, 2015, but wasn't released until 14th October 2016. Like PHASE ONE and PHASE TWO, it has six tracks.

Tracks Edit

ν Edit

ν is the character for lowercase Nu. Nu starts with a synth buzz, adding a repeating plucky string melody, a bass line, drums and layered miscellaneous synths. It can be described as dark with tension and energy.

ξ Edit

ξ is the character for lowercase Xi. Xi is mostly composed of layered industrial drums with occasional violins and synth tones which rise in and out in seconds. It can be described as rough and harsh.

ο Edit

ο is the character for lowercase Omicron. Omicron begins as with ambient synths, layering synths to assist with the rhythm and chord progression before introducing a string-like instrument which carries the melody. Strings are also introduced that follow the ambient layer, and drums are introduced. It is very energy-rich, never truly dark or light, but sounds meaningful.

π Edit

π is the character for lowercase Pi. Mostly an ambient track, Pi has a string base and a synth noise that echos away every chord change. It can be described as sadder and possibly slightly bitter.

ρ Edit

ρ is the character for lowercase Rho. Rho starts out with drums, before slowly introducing a piano to make a melody and chord progression. Violins and a bass line are also added later. It can be described as pretty hopeful and light.

σ Edit

σ is the character for lowercase Sigma. Sigma starts out with a low, modulating, wah-wah-type synth with some FX of wind and electronic noises. It adds an upper ambient synth layer to assist with chords and some electronic synths to build a rhythm. At the end all instruments drop out with just the FX going for the last 35 seconds. It can be described with both light and dark parts, but often concerned.

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