Sparkles* has a Soundcloud account where he has been uploading select songs. Many of these uploads have been alternative versions of, or previously unreleased Ghost Cassette songs. Others have been previews of Area 11 songs, work he has done for the Yogscast, some royalty free stuff, and a few covers. He was last active on April 2016.

His account name was"GhostOfSparkles*", however he has recently changed it to simply "Sparkles*".

Uploaded Songs

Comin' Home (City and Color Cover) (3:14)

'Mary-Go-Round' New Track Teaser(0:35)

Ranch Music Preview (0:21)



"Royalty-Free Music" [Rise of an Empire (2:24) - Daydream (3:49) - Bit By Bit (0:12)]

Homunculus Sneak Peak (ḧ̺͗x̴̑͠XXx̸̆̂n᷃᷅̉XXXl̘̽̓XXs͍̋̔) (0:42)

Fast and Slow (2:25)

Marionette (Ghost Cassette) (3:42)

Scissorborn (Ghost Cassette) (4:20)

Prologue III (Echodeath) (20:00) (Has since been removed)

Aboulia (3:56)

Survival Games (0:41)

Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? (1:47)

Not Waving But Drowning (1:24)

YoGPoD Outro (1:12)

Video Games (Lana Del Rey Cover) (2:58)

Blow Out The Candles (Ghost Cassette) (4:05)

Liked Songs

FredrickScott - "This is a Trent Reznor Song"

I Fight Dragons - "6 - It's Not Me It's You"

Republished Songs

Strange Names - I Can't Control Myself (Doss Remix)

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