The concept of scissors and of the action of 'cutting' seems to repeatedly occur throughout Sparkles*' use of various media. The current relationship to Digital Haunt and the relevance of 'cutting' to the concept album is unknown, however the idea seems to occur too frequently to be coincidental.

In some cultures scissors are used as metaphors for ending relationships with friends or family. Or even as an omen for bad luck.

Lyrics relating to Scissors or Cutting

Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill

Cut it, cut it out!

The Strays

Cut to the next scene

The Tape

I can't cut the excess cables

Cut yourself from earthly trestles


It’ll cut you with the scorn

Blow out the Candles

You're cutting your eyes


Sparks said about the scissorshoe

This is what Sparks had to say about the ScissorShoe

Sparkles* posted an instagram picture featuring his shoe, with a pair of scissors as a method of 'ventilation'. This, curiously, was then retweeted by Cassandra's Twitter account. When Sparkles* noticed that this had gathered some notice, he laughed and claimed it was a 'BIG clue'.

(Sparkles* also came in to Parv's room during one of Parv's early livestreams holding a pair of scissors, this could also be a clue or just coincidence).

Other references to Cutting

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