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SYLOS is a band comprised of musical artists Sparkles*, Martyn and Approaching Nirvana.

Their twitter can be accessed here, their YouTube channel here, and their Facebook here

As of January 2019, the SYLOS project has been stated by Sparkles* to be "firmly on the backburner".

Biography and HistoryEdit

Sparkles* and Martyn have always had a close relationship, with the two being roommates for much of 2015 and 2016. They have also collaborated musically before on various Yogscast projects. Martyn seems to primarily a vocalist.

Not much is known about ApproachingNirvana's relationship to the other two. Sparkles* met up with him for the first time in late 2016 in My Week Vlog #21. He is primarily known for making very electronic-heavy instrumental music, and has been a popular artist since at least 2012. For recent work, here is their SoundCloud link.

Incomplete segments of Gravity was previewed on Vlog #33 as Sparkles* and Martyn record themselves working on the track.


SYLOS has released one EP, consisting of one single and one B-Side.


  1. Gravity
  2. Open
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