Digital Haunt Wiki

  • Do not post any spoilers from anime/manga/films (Unless relevant, if so, give a warning)

  • Do not grief the Wikia

  • Do not re-post information or theories

  • Do not bother the band/ anyone that might know for any clues, it’s all part of the fun :)

  • Do not try to credit yourself in the wiki with discoveries. Project S* is a community project, and there is no 'I' in community. Except for that one.

  • Do not post speculation in the main body of theory or song articles - if everyone does that it makes it hard to read!

  • Do feel free to link to your theories and analyses at the end of any of the relevant pages

  • Do post the right information in the correct pages and if a page is not there please make one

  • Do correctly link up key words on the song pages to the relevant repeated themes page and vice-versa

  • Do post reasons for every rollback and/or deletion, both in the box given when deleting and in the comments section.

  • Do post relevant sources for all information

  • Do respect the privacy of band members and associates

  • Do add all of your theories and ideas in blog posts, no matter how crazy or unlikely!

  • Do remember to have fun :)

User Theories and Analyses

Coming up with an idea about Digital Haunt is central to the project and the wiki, and the more people that share their thoughts the better! We do however want to keep things easy to read and navigate. For this reason, if you have ideas that you want to share, please create a blog post on the subject. In the category box on the right hand side add the categories 'User Theory' or 'Analysis' and then they will appear in the appropriate category page. Also, feel free to link back to your theory or analysis from relevant theme or song pages in the "User Theories" section at the bottom of the page.

IMPORTANT! A few pages on this wiki are locked so that only an admin can edit them. The rest of the pages should be locked so that only registered non-new users can edit the pages. This is unfortunately a rule that must be implemented to prevent the extent of griefing which the Project has undergone in the past. If you are a new user, you will be able to edit pages after 4 days from the creation of your account. In the meantime, you can still contribute through the comments section of pages, in your blog or in the forums.

If you notice a page without any protection, please notify an admin IMMEDIATELY

Thank you for reading :)