Radio Sparkles

Radio Sparkles* is a room in the Soundrop app for Spotify created and run by Sparks himself. Through this Soundrop room people are able to listen to what Sparks is listening to at that point in time. This enables fans to add their own music, discover new music and chat with other people including Sparks himself.

Here is Sparks' initial Tumblr post about Radio Sparkles*.

Sparks, and Abi are admins of this radio. 

The Story

In the beginning Sparks was just using the Soundrop app as a test to see how things would go and if many people would pay attention. To start with there was about 30 regular fans that would be around almost all the time and the room had a lot of people trolling in the first few days. The room ran with an average of around 30 people for about a week and through this Soundrop room a few fans had more confidence to meet up with Area 11 at their next gig. 

The Soundrop room quickly helped the creation of the #SparklesRadioFamily of which fans were welcomed and accepted into the Radio family that brought people together. Sparks has been able to have a more personal relationship with Area 11 fans and has decided to carry on with the Radio. 

Through this Radio room Sparks is able to tell things to his fans and one of which lead to the start of this wikia. In the Radio Sparkles* room he told his fans that he had been working on a concept idea for 7 years now and some fans were so interested that a Google Document was made. Fans spent 3 days gathering 60 pages worth of clues and Sparks saw this as an opportunity to create this wikia for his ideas. Sparks then handed over control of the wikia to his fans and all information is now documented in one place for everyone to see.

The Radio became popular very quicklt and soon led to talks between Sparkles* and the CEO of Soundrop for improvements to the Soundrop app which include a Mod feature, ban lists and more control over the song selection. 

Over the time Radio Sparkles* had been open its grown to having a rather large family. Sparkles has found this room to be a great tool for finding new music and being able to talk to his fans. The Soundrop room was such a success that Strippin from the Yogscast decided to make his own Radio room. This is not a competition between Radios as Sparks welcomes other people to create their own Radio room as it has opened up new things for himself. Both Radios continue to grow with their fans and other Radios are likely to be set up after seeing how much of a success this was for Sparks and Strippin. 

10th of June was the one month anniversary of Radio Sparkles* and on this day Sparks' held awards to mark the mile stone. Winners of these awards were given a Radio Sparkles mug which can been seen below. These awards include;

The Regular Award - Abi 
  • Limited Edition Womens Shirt
  • Mens Limited Edition Shirt
  • Radio Sparkles* Mug - Winners Received This
  • Radio Sparkles* Badges
  • Iphone 4/4S Hardcase
  • Men's Standard Shirt
  • Women's Standard Shirt
  • Women's Scoop Neck
  • Women's Strap Top
  • Sparks' modelling

The Tangent Award - Schist 

The Self-Promotion Award - Matt

The Radio Sparkles* Family Choice Award - Amy, Fleur and Flufs

Also to mark this day Sparkles* created some limited edition and other merch for the Sparkles Radio Family.

The SparklesRadioFamily continues to grow daily in size and love <3

The Sparkles Radio Family banned together to make their own Minecraft server which can be obtained by tweeting: @MCRadioSparkles

On the year mark of Radio Sparkles, the last album was played (ABBA) in memory of the year together pending a move to Plug DJ or word from Sparks. 

On the 2nd September 2014 RS* was changed to loop Area 11 music as Sparks had moved over to Plug DJ for better features, as of this it is barely used and some people have moved over to Plug DJ


  • 11:11PM (GMT) - Area 11 
  • 11:30PM (GMT) - Smooth Jazz
  • 11:33PM (GMT) - Sparkles*/guest album choice
  • Times are subject to change as Sparkles* has said that he'd now rather wait for the previous song to stop before switching tracks.

Album Choice

Every day at 11:33 GMT/BST (after smooth jazz) Sparkles* or another admin or special guest chooses the album of the day. Beckii is the usual stand-in if Sparkles* is otherwise engaged. Click the links below to hear the albums in Spotify.

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