Area 11 -「Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill」【Blackline Edition】

Area 11 -「Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill」【Blackline Edition】

Area 11

Luke Owens

Luke Owens is a past guitar player and backing vocalist seen in the Heaven Piercing Giga Drill video from the Blackline edition. He left Area 11 on good terms.

Tim Yearsly

Tim Yearsley was a bass player of Area 11 for a short time. He plays guitar in Bloodguard, (a Nottingham-based metal band) and bass in Teasing Demons (a Nottingham-based sleaze-rock band) with Luke Owens, formerly of Area 11.

Ghost Cassette

  • Abbie Mason
  • Tim Yearsley
  • Kushal Pisavadia
  • Kush and Charlotte performing.
  • Chris Reaney (left) and Tom McLenachan (right)
  • Daniel Cook-Scowen
  • Will Pickering (far left)
  • David Maggs
  • Luke Owens
Past members of Ghost Cassette:
  • Sparkles* - Vocals/Keys
  • Kushal Pisavadia - Bass
  • Daniel Cook-Scowen - Drums
  • Abbie Mason - Vox
  • Rob Johnasen - Drums
  • Chris Reaney - Guitar/Vocals
  • Will Pickering - Guitar/Vocals
  • Charlotte Krol - Guitar/Vocals
  • Tom Mclenachan - Bass
  • Ash - Bass
  • David Maggs - Drums

More information about Ghost Cassette can be found on their facebook page.

Abbie Mason

Abbie Mason is a former vocalist/synth player for Ghost Cassette. Abbie was with the band during the creation of the EP Obsolete, and provided vocals for The Tape and Slipstream and backing vocals for Fear of Cancer.

Abbie enjoys gifs, however less so when they involve her friends. Case and point.

Kushal Pisavadia

Kushal Pisavadia was the original bass player in Ghost Cassette. Kush lived in uni halls in Nottingham with Sparkles* and Ghost Cassette members Abbie Mason and Dan Cook-Scowen, before moving to UCL.

Sparkles* concept idea was started with Kush during their time with Ghost Cassette in 2006. Together they came up with the base idea which Sparkles has spent the last 7 years developing further.

Although Twitter shows that he still keeps in contact with Sparkles*, Kush has no current input into Digital Haunt.

Charlotte Krol

Charlotte Krol is a former vocalist/guitarist for Ghost Cassette. She now runs a music review blog, and works for BBC Introducing in Oxford Radio Station.

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