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In Area 11's Facebook post before the release of Underline, both In The Blind and Override [A] are shown as track 2.

Override [A] is the 3rd track on Area 11's second EP. It is part of the Override Symphony, and its ending transitions into the start of Override [B] Strangely, in a Facebook post, both Override [A] and In The Blind were listed as Track 2.


Under the ice
Torted, deformed in the midst
Of a struggling, suffering twist
Willing and wishing to break
Dihydrogen prism of fate

Solipsistic sentence you'll face
The life giver will take away
This won't be over so soon
You'll claw yourself out of the womb

Are you willing to die?
And be born in the spotlight
I won't let you drown
Are you willing to try?
To be something; trigger the override.

We patiently wait your return
Cast into Gehenna you'll burn
Cleanse from the fires inside
Rejecting your pitiful life

You'll crawl on your hands and your knees
You'll feast on the fear you receive
And here in the altar you'll give
Your life, for a reason to live, woah

Are you ready to die?
To be born in the spotlight
I won't let you down
Are you ready to try?
To be more than they say you are

You'll be a mistake
The product of rape
The child of the void and the ghost in the tape
Can the ego you've sculpted endure the escape?
To be something?
Trigger the override

Are you willing to die?
I am willing tonight.
I am willing to die
To be something; trigger the override

Other Ideas

The end of the song features feedback from a guitar that lingers at for a few moments. It sounds similar to the 'flatline' noise that occurs when someone's heart stops whilst they are hooked up to an ECG monitor.

The bits of instrumental music between the chorus and the verses are extremely similar to Bōsōzoku Symphonic's Ryokan Movement (more specifically, the second half of it). In a similar vein, In The Blind's spoken session has its instruments mimic Bosozoku Symphonic's Redline Movement. This may be related to the fact that all of the EP's have line in the name ([Blackline and Underline), therefore Redline would fit into this rule.

Sparks said on their YouTube livestream that Override [A] is not based on an anime. 

The [A] in the name may refer to a cassette tape, as cassette tapes have two sides, [A] and [B], but this is now unlikely as there is a Override [C]

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