Modern Synthesis
Modern Synthesis art
The Modern Synthesis Album Art
Released July 1, 2016
Recorded 2015/2016
Length 52:30
Label Area 11/Smihilism Records
Producer Area 11

Modern Synthesis is the second full album released by Area 11. It is generally heavier than their previous music, and has a large focus on the themes of War and Evolution. As with ATLITS, the number of tracks is 11.

The writing process was more collaborative than on ATLITS, with Kogie and Sparkles* sharing much of the work, one song being written by Leo, and Parv also contributing.

Track Listing

Song Main Composer(s) Main Lyricist(s)
Override [C] Sparkles* Kogie (+ Sparkles*)
The Contract Sparkles* Sparkles* (+ Kogie)
Watchmaker Sparkles* Kogie, Sparkles*
Versus Sparkles* Sparkles*
Processor Sparkles* Sparkles* (+ Kogie)
Red Queen Kogie (+ band) Kogie
Angel Lust Sparkles* Sparkles*
The Life of a Ghost Leo Leo (+ Sparkles* and Kogie)
After the Flags Kogie (+ Sparkles*) Kogie (+ Sparkles*)
Nebula Sparkles* Kogie
Panacea and the Prelogue Kogie, Sparkles*, Leo Kogie (+ Sparkles*)


A cryptic tweet was released on April 18th 2015, which said "And as millennia passed, the two groups pursued their own desires in relative seclusion, both wanting to bring knowledge into the Heavens." In addition, what appears to be a countdown is also being released on Twitter, after which Area 11 announced the dates for the San Tour in July 2015, and put on sale items and merchandise related to their new album.

A press release on April 29, 2015 on the band's website included lots of words that relate to some of the key themes found on Digital Haunt, as well as similarities to some of the band's lyrics. Here are some extracts:

"to create music which stood as a unique pillar in the ever homogenising house of rock and roll. It also came from a place of freedom."
"fighting hard against the pressures to give up on our ambitions"
"corporate machine"
They accompanied this press release with a YouTube video (See below) that talked about the album, which was only known by the placeholder name "Album ii".

Tracklist Updated-1
On the San Tour, the band debuted their new song Versus. Later, on the Versus Winter Tour, the band debuted two new songs at their Brighton show, what was later revealed to be Watchmaker and one called The Contract.

On May 1, 2016, some preorder packages for the album were pulled from the store. Over the course of the next 5 days, 5 short videos were posted to the band's various media outlets. Each contained a distorting image which ended on the view of a number, that decreased with each iteration as a countdown. Each video also contained a different segment of an unreleased track, later revealed to be Override [C]. At the end of the countdown, on May 6, Watchmaker was released and the album name and track listing was revealed.


  • On the 7/7/16 livestream, Parv and Kogie stated that the album contains many references to Digital Haunt, but refused to say any more on the matter.
  • Parv stated that demos will probably be released, and tabs could possibly be released.
  • Many demos did not make it to the final album, such as a long instrumental written by Parv. Sparkles* has said this and others may be used in the future.
  • The disk contains Override [B] as a hidden track.


This video was a short preview of Processor before its release.



This YouTube video details the band's thought process on the new album.

Area 11 - Modern Synthesis Livestream (7 7 16)

Area 11 - Modern Synthesis Livestream (7 7 16)

This is a livestream where Area 11 provides commentary on all the tracks on the album

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