♪ Minecraft Christmas - Original Song by Area 11 feat Simon

♪ Minecraft Christmas - Original Song by Area 11 feat Simon

The video for Minecraft Christmas

Minecraft Christmas is Area 11's and the Yogscast's Christmas song that was released during the Christmas 2012 Livestreams. It reached 69 in the UK Official Christmas Chart 2012. All money raised went to the Yogscast's chosen Oxfam appeals for that year.

Minecraft Xmas and Project S*

Minecraft Christmas Behind The Scenes

Minecraft Christmas Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes

There is probably very little linking this song into the concept as it wouldn't have been planned when Sparkles* was creating his concept, and came about through collaboration with the Yogscast. There are some potential clues however and some that have been discounted.


  • In the 'Behind the Scenes' video, Fred and Ceeranoo say that Sparkles* told them that the main character was not supposed to be him, and thus ended up being a hybrid of an image based on him and one based on Steve.

Discounted Clues

  • The Minecraft seed 68954012663 is in fact just a spawn location in a snowy forest as disclosed in the 'Behind the Scenes' video.


  • This seed is hex code for h•@�f. The significance of this is unknown.
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