A recurring theme referenced in songs, videos and art work is the mind.

Songs That Reference the Mind, the Brain, the Head or Psychology

Fear of Cancer

Our thoughts and minds had intertwined


I know that these thoughts will go away in time

The Tape

In your mind we craft and tutor


Far too much on my mind

Angel Lust

And cynics they will try, to tempt and change our minds

The Life of a Ghost

There is no comfort for the mind


A whispered voice inside your mind

Baby can’t you see that you’re losing your mind, that you’re losing your mind?
Another shot to the head leaves it all behind, leaves it all behind 

I wish I’d see inside your mind


Twisted by my warring conscience

Tokyo House Party

I feel this has gone to my head

Some quiet noise, some mental health

Shi No Barado

Even when my memories fail me

Cassandra, Pt II

“No it’s all in my mind” I feel

Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill

Smash your head into mine


I dream of it; am I a psycho?

The virus in our heads that infects us all

The Contract

Locked in the same mindset

Your body and your mind

Override [C]

Know it in your mind, hear it once and now you bear the load


Halcyon hates, clouding my mind

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