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Song Lyrics Relating to Love

Are You Listening?

No business here it's just relationships (Could also be friendship)

So what you feel, is it nostalgia or love?

Bōsōzoku Symphonic

There's three parts to love

Yeah I will rip out all the love from my skin so I can grow

Cassandra, Pt. II

I got so far behind, my love

'Cause I don’t love you


Sketching parallels to understand
Why I can't share your love

Fear of Cancer

Your love alone won't give to me

This pseudolove is okay

Shi No Barado

I won’t give up on this perfect love 

My love you know I want you to  


Who used to love this fucking world

To love, to despise: such a fine line

Angel Lust

Bearing us forth in labour pains of love?

scream it from our hearts: God loves her children

Shaking and bound in the angel lust


Voltaic reaction, I'm falling to the call of you
To love just an action, we overplay and overdo

Panacea and the Prelogue

I didn't mean to let the years go by
Waiting for love

Song Lyrics Relating to Friendship

Cassandra, Pt. II

The best friend that you've been to me

My best friend that I've never seen

Panacea and the Prelogue

The only melodies that I could ever call mine
Were friendship and lust