Song Lyrics Relating to Loss


If it means you go away

Bōsōzoku Symphonic

There's a part of you you lose

Blow Out the Candles

You’ve lost in denial

Dream & Reality

Gambling our youth away


Robbed of my eternity

I think I’ve lost control


Something gained something lost

I watched you slip away

All we left behind erased
And I'm lost for words to say

Imperial Guard

Your wins correspond to me losing again

The Legendary Sannin

Lost in the darkness, refusing to see

Override [A]

The life giver will take away

Shi No Barado

My losses are your gains

The Strays

Losing all your lives

Tokyo House Party

I got lost to find myself 


All the hurt, all the loss 

Baby can’t you see that you’re losing your mind, that you’re losing your mind? 

The Contract

Lay waste to your beliefs

Your body and your mind; give it willingly


Structures collapsing around me

The Life of a Ghost

Journey downward from a height

After the Flags

Fading white in surrender

Dressed in red to mourn the dead

Panacea and the Prelogue

I wanna say to all I leave behind
And to those I'll never find
That I need you to understand, you're not on your own

Arguments & Algorithms

It falls apart because it's now a part of us

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