Song Lyrics relating to Shakespeare/PlaysEdit

In The BlindEdit

Hold the Line? Thespianicanswers.

Cassandra, Pt. IIEdit

I; your savior, you; my muse

Fear of CancerEdit

All the people gasped as the muses choose,


You say you won’t act,
But the whole world’s a stage. (Heavy play on Shakespeare's 7 Stages of Life poem)


I found my line. (Lines referring to being in a play or being an actor?)

The StraysEdit

We’re the last ones left, left to convalesce, get the others and cut to the next scene (Scene = play? Sequence of events?)

Tokyo House Party (Demo)Edit

Do you want me to write two sonnets?

Scissorborn Edit

I am Banquo! I am Julius Ceasar!

Song Lyrics relating to Words/WritingEdit


All we left behind erased
And I'm lost for words to say

Shi No BaradoEdit

A promise written on a TV screen

I'd write your name down in my heart

In The BlindEdit

Space-gap-space; I repeat; release the Secrets. (<- Could refer to typing words?)

But it’s also completely and unbelievably unique in every sense of the word

and that I am as much in control of this construct as I am in control of how you feel hearing these words

Cassandra, Pt. IIEdit

I; your savior, you; my muse

And say our secret words

Blow out the CandlesEdit

You’ve read a string of novels I don’t wanna read

Dream & RealityEdit

Let’s write our names in history


I’m choking on my own words and

Fear of CancerEdit

All the people gasped as the muses choose,
Their fates are written, they won't be forgiven.

The words I needed, but I can't read it.

Tokyo House Party (Demo)Edit

Until you find me and you name me (about to write you down)


This is my suffering, stuttering the words


  • Shi No Barado is a song inspired by Death Note, in which you must write someone's name into the book to kill them. Depending on details (If the name can be/is erased, if details are added) the death is different or can be reversed.
  • There is a theory about Cassius, a Shakespearean character in the comments of the User Theories page by ChloeG.
  • Writing may refer to the process of songwriting itself, or the four levels of lyrical interpretation.
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