Songs With Lyrics Relating to Lines

Imperial Guard

What happens when we cross the line.


Claiming you alone had caught the skyline.


I found my line.

Deep in line?

The Tape

Exorcism on the audio ley line

Counting lines upon your face again.


[The term 'Vector' is itself a reference to lines; the Google definition of a vector is; "a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another." This infers a line of a certain direction and size.]

All the lines between the dots

Tokyo House Party

Production line values we covert so high  

Dream & Reality

Waiting and hoping from the sidelines 

Now I put the colour between the lines

The Strays

I still cheer for you, ten years down the line

Bōsōzoku Symphonic

As the line begins to blur.


Lines on the ground carry righteous intension

In The Blind

Hold the line? Thespianic answers.


To love, to despise: such a fine line

The Contract

Still I won't sign the line

Panacea and the Prelogue

Lines fade out

Override [C]

We start again and underline

The Life of a Ghost

Pulled by tide, adrift across the lines

After the Flags

To redefine the lines of flesh and dirt

Red Queen

Down other lines we would have been the same


All my timelines fall away
Drifting out my field of view


Double check the notes, read between the lines

Our tangents never intersect


Sketching parallels to understand
Why I can't share your love

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Area 11's 2 EPs are called Blackline and Underline.


The third part of Bōsōzoku Symphonic is called Redline.

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