Let It Resonate
The Let It Resonate Album Art
Area 11
Released December 9, 2016
Recorded 2016
Length 12:37
Label Area 11/Smihilism Records
Producer Area 11

Let It Resonate is the fourth Area 11 EP, which was released digitally on December 9, 2016.

Physical CDs of the EP are being exclusively handed out to the first 100 people at every show during the ModSynth Tour, Pt II.

The album art for the EP is a modified version of the Modern Synthesis cover, with "Let It Resonate" in place of "Modern Synthesis," and an acoustic guitar in the background. At the top of the acoustic guitar seems to be a hand, likely either Sparkles*' or Kogie's.

The name of the album comes from the lyric "Just let it resonate" from The Contract.

Track Listing

  1. Red Queen (Acoustic)
  2. Watchmaker (Acoustic)
  3. The Contract (Acoustic)