Leo looking wizard.

Leo George Taylor is the drummer in Area 11. He is also involved with his own side project Anquitaz.

Leo and Project S*

Leo was inducted into Project S* shortly after its creation, however quickly became bored reading all of the information and left. It is unknown whether Leo will return. As a member of the band however it is assumed that he knows of Sparkles*' plans.

Alternative Names

  • Pard
    • The boy loves his cereal.
    • Leo's Pipeline injury.
    • Leo t-shirt design
    • Leo's custom bass drum.
    • Leo telling the story of how he enjoys food
    • Brighton Setlist
    • Leo on Sparkles* Les Paul
    • Leo sitting on Kogie.
  • Leoetta ("Transexual Trangender" Alter-ego)
  • The_Eternal_Dragon


  • Leo once blistered his finger, and according to Sparkles*, it was because of his bad drum playing.
  • Leo is one of two Area 11 members that have access to the Google Document.
  • He wore red trunks/a towel in the Gigacraft videos instead of everybody else's white.
  • He is rarely seen on camera, usually only in official Area 11 music videos and sketches.
  • His birthday is 14th February, and he is also the youngest member of Area 11.
  • Like Kogie, until recently, Leo had his own YouTube channel called 'LGT92', with one video upload of him saving a seagull. This can be found here , but is now private.
  • Leo has two custom bass drums containing two of Area 11's logos: a pink triangle containing the number 11 and the Japanese for 'Area', and a white digital eye on a black background.
  • Being the only person typing in Soundrop chat unnerves him.
  • This is Leo's twitter.
  • He claims that S* has no embarrassing secrets.
  • Leo was once able to co-ordinate the members of Radio Sparkles such that Leo's album of the day was played without the need for admin powers.
  • Leo played bass for Superpowerless on stage.
  • Leo used to be in a different band named "Last Constellation" before joining Area 11
  • Leo was originally brought in only to record the demo for Euphemia He then stayed with the band.
  • Leo has a tattoo on his left forearm which is based on the Dark Materials book trilogy, since they were his favourite books as a kid.
  • Leo is rarely seen without a beanie