Songs With Lyrics Relating to Hands

Fear of Cancer

This house, your hands

Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill

Reach out with your fist! 


So kill a king with a sleight of hand 

Override [A]

You'll crawl on your hands and your knees 


I reached out and took your hand

Reach out your hands and catch me
Reach out your hands and you tear me apart


"Hands in the air”; salute or surrender?

The Contract

Fear constricts my hand


As we build it up with our hands

Songs With Lyrics Relating to Arms

Blow out the Candles

I’m crossing my arms

Chasing the Guillotine

He will be the one who ties his puppet strings around his wrist


Oh hold me closely and die in my arms


It cost me an arm and a leg


Well I watched her die, in your arms 

The Strays

Stub out the stars on my wrist

Tokyo House Party

Now you fall down into my arms

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