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In The Blind

I redesign, I realign.

certain events of creation

the Seraphim were discontent

Override [A]

And here in the altar you'll give


Hoping to God that theories hold up

Prologue III (Echodeath)

And the God Echo cried

Cassandra (Part II) Demo

Cause they're loving outside this sacred place,

The Tape

The maker knows your time is late

Angel Lust

And scream it from our hearts: God loves her children

Song Lyrics Relating to Demons


Demons are possessing me.

Override [A]

Cast into Gehenna you'll burn

Are You Listening?

The rope that pulled me from the pit now hangs around my neck.

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The Legendary Sannin

Blind to the things that we didn’t believe

The Contract

Lay waste to your beliefs


I never wanted to believe


The pious haunting now at ground zero
Ringed blockades around a tableau

Panacea and the Prelogue

Panacea (or Panakeia) was a Greek Godess, related to Asclepius (Or Asklepios) - a Greek god of medicine. She was the Godedss of cures and remedies, as well as panaceas (cure-alls).

She was a part of the Hippocratic oath - "I swear by Apollo, the healer, Asclepius, Hygieia, and Panacea, and I take to witness all the gods, all the goddesses..."

Asclepius had temples dedicated to him called Asklepions, where the Greeks would go when ill, and give a gift (sacrifice?) in order to be healed. These might have taken the form of casts of body parts that needed healing. The Asklepion would feature gyms, baths, the temple to Asclepius, and the Abaton (where they slept). They believed that during the night, Asclepius and his daughters: Hygeia and Panacea, would come down and heal the patients in the Abaton.

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