This will contain FAQs about Area 11 or the Digital Haunt Wiki

Q: What is this wiki about?

A: This wiki is in place to put all of the theories and clues behind Sparkles*'s concept idea in one place so it's easier for people to access. 

Q: I have a theory, can I add it to the wiki?

A: You are welcome to add it to the Random Theories page, or make a blog post. You can find that on your user page.

Q: Are there any social media sites for the Wiki?

A: Yes, the Twitter account is @DigitalHauntWik, The Facebook account is here and you can use the hashtag #digitalhaunt

Q: Who is Cassandra?

A: She's said to be the 5th member of Area 11, but her identity is still unknown and part of the reason why this wiki is in place.

Q: Can Area 11 do a gig in my town?

A: When Area 11 go on tour next they will try to hit as many main towns and cities as possible.

Q: When are Area 11 touring?

A: You can find a list of future visits and past ones here.

Q: What model of Keytar does Sparks have?

A: Sparks' has a Roland Ax-Synth Keytar.

Q: Does Sparkles* have an FAQ?

A: Yes, on his tumblr here.

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