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Sparkles*'s Eye.

In many of the songs created by Sparkles* it seems that 'eyes' are often mentioned within the lyrics. This poses the question as to why? Is he trying to direct us into noticing somebody, maybe Cassandra's eyes? Or are eyes an important part of the story? The significance seems to tie in withArea 11's eye logo. Could there be some sort of eye related power like Geass power? Or Could a mecha or other electronic device/software be controlled using the eyes?

Song Lines Involving Eyes

The 'Demos' Eye


No tears from statue eyes"

Blow out the Candles

You're cutting your eyes!

The Legendary Sannin

The look in your eyes - I understand you

In the mirror I see the snake’s eyes


I wish I'd seen inside you


A tear forming in my eye

As you stared into my eyes


Eye to eye with a loaded mind

Tokyo House Party

But the look in your eyes

Shi No Barado

Cause baby when our eyes met

My eyes will be your weapons

Cause I see you through burning eyes

Cassandra, Pt. II

You stare at me with omnivorous eyes

The Strays

Catch a warrior’s eye with an asteroid’s sigh

Watch the stardust rise, with your reddened eyes, take what you want from it

Dream & Reality

I see when I close my eyes

Bōsōzoku Symphonic (Original Acoustic Version)

I know the canvas won't be ripped up for your eyes

Are You Listening?

Close your eyes; listen please.

It's hard when all I see
Another ceiling I don't recognize


Close your eyes to open fire

The Contract

I close my eyes

After the Flags

Eyes are wide; we have been misled

Art Involving Eyes

  • The 'Digital Eye' logo.

    The 'Digital Eye' Logo
  • The art for the 'Demos' album on mr_sparkles account

Song Lines Involving Seeing

The Tape

You have failed and you can't see

Chasing the Guillotine

Take one more look above, you must look up

Imperial Guard

One in a hundred people see through

The Legendary Sannin

Stand with me, watch what we've become

And we've seen so much that they'll never see

Lost in the darkness, refusing to see
Blind to the things that we didn't believe


I wish I'd seen inside your mind; I wish I'd seen inside you

I saw that you were lonely too

I see it clearly

Baby can’t you see that you’re losing your mind, that you’re losing your mind?


As I looked into the burning sky


Just like glass I saw right through
Something I couldn’t see, something I couldn’t see
Until I changed my point of view

Well I watched her die, in your arms

Shi No Barado

I saw your face in the LEDs

I sent a message I know you’d see

I could never look away

Cause I see you through burning eyes

Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill

Look up!

Bōsōzoku Symphonic

Leave my mark on the canvas,
That only you can see

Are You Listening?

And we'll still look to the lights in the sky

It's hard when all I see [is?]
Another ceiling I don't recognize

We fade into hindsight

In The Blind

In the blind

our vantage point at the edge of the explosion


Hieroglyphs cause I can't see straight

I need to see this through

Arguments & Algorithms

And to stay connected
I maintain perspective

Eyes in Music Videos

All the Lights in the Sky 「COMPLETE」

The teaser videos features an eye (presumably Cassandra's) which seems to be in some sort of water tank hooked up to a computer. The audio is an edited version of System;Start. In the trailer, there seems to be some sort of large machine that is being looked down upon my several onlookers.


Thinking about the connection between the various lines is difficult, however the Digital vs. Analogue elements seem apparent.

Potential Digital References

"I saw your face in the LEDs" - On screen, through a webcam, or a virtual interface? The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face is a popular folk song, are there similarities?

"Leave my mark on the canvas that only you can see" - Could it be an augmented reality situation, where only the machine can read and interpret the symbol into something? Or Paint?

"I wish I'd seen inside you" - Into the components?

"Until I changed my point of view" - Rotation of a camera in a video game? Any relation to Isometric Standpoint?


There is database software called Apache Cassandra , which uses the logo of eyes. (It's user language is Java)