The Echoplane

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This shows someone else's view on what they believe to be the echo plane[1] . This blog explains how they think energy can move between the four phases which are stated below. 

Echo Phase

This is the least dense phase and it dominates the echo plane. The Echo realm is thought to be a hidden part of the Astral plane and although it is within the astral plane it is considered to be its own dimension. 

Astral Phase

This is the 2nd least dense phase and is said to be a phase of existence. This is said to be split into the high astral domain which was used for the affairs of Gods and the lower domain reserved for the affairs of humans. 

Muth Phase

The Muth Phase is the 2nd most dense and is also a pocket dimension within the Astral plane. The Muth Phase is supposed to only be accessible to Seers, Angels of Death, the unborn and the dead. The center of the Muth Phase is said to be the same distence from anywhere. 

Mundane Phase

This is the densest phase and is said to be the physical world. Everything in this realm has a replica in the other three phases stated. When the replicas are changed in the other phases they are said to snap back to carry on matching with the physical world.

Song Lyrics that Reference Echoes

Prologue III (Echodeath)

And the starship..... which is of the Echo, (with it, he caused destruction)

And the sun set for one final time over the Echoplane

And the God Echo cried

Override A

We patiently wait your return

The Contract

Just let it resonate


Echo positions of the free

After the Flags

Ten sounds at once reverberate

Song Lyrics with Echo Effects

Bōsōzoku Symphonic

In Movement 1 (Ryōkan) the entire verse has an echo delay on it.


世の中は (Yo no naka wa, Our life in this world)

何にたとへん (nani ni tatoen, to what shall I compare it?)

山彦の (yamabiko no, It's like an echo)

こたふる聲の (kotauru koe no, resounding through the mountains)

空しきがごと (munashiki ga goto, and off into the empty sky.)

Override A

The verse beginning:

"We patiently wait your return"

has a long delay on it.


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