The Tape

Sleeping pills you don't need to take.


I get so tired of these footnotes.

I get so tired of your embrace.

I hear this calling me to break this hibernation, to break this hibernation, that's killing me.


Subject is awake. Vitals are good.


A music box, a lullaby, a restless sleep through an IV high


Memories of fallen dreams,


It comes alive as I try to sleep.

I fall asleep, and I feel I'm falling; Nightmare comes without warning.

I can seem to sleep. I can't stay awake.

In my dreams I feel I'm running"

As you fall asleep.

Shi No Barado

Because you're with me in my dreams (You're with me tonight)

Cassandra (pt II)

In dreams, I'm coming to find you,
and when I wake I want anyone else.

This was the night that everything changed.

Cassandra (pt II) (Commentary)

Sparkles*: "So it's Cassandra,"

Kogie: "The sleeper hit."

Sparkles*: "The sleeper hit."

The Strays

Stained with tiger stripes, losing all your lives, stray from this boring dream.

You would try to count them all, but you grew tired.

Dream & Reality

Dreams or realities.

Two hundred sleepless nights alone.

Let's make these dreams reality.

Go!! Fighting Action Power

Don't give up, you can achieve your dream.

Prologue III (Echodeath)

And he'd slept, like a ghost, until now.


I dream of it; am I a psycho?


I fall asleep

Watchmaker (Acoustic Version)

I don't understand my magnesium sleep/
Do not disturb my magnesium sleep.

11/11 11:11

The ATLITS Complete teaser video released on 11/11 2013 at 11:11pm GMT shows an eye which is closed. It is possible that this is Cassandra in some sort of sleep or induced stasis which is causing her to dream. It could be that her dreams are being monitored in this way.

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