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Subpages are a way to arrange content in a tree-like structure. If a wikilink to a page contains a forward slash character ("/") in the article title, the preceding part is considered the parent page title, while the part following the forward slash is considered the subpage title.

For example, the link [[Parent/Sub]] would link to a subpage "Sub" of the parent page "Parent".

A link starting with a forward slash (for example [[/Sub]] will link to a subpage of the page the link is located on.

Using subpages Edit

The subpage feature is useful in several cases, including: 

User pages
Since users only have a single page allotted to them, subpages may help them organize their content better.
Talk pages
On talk pages, subpages may be used to archive old discussions for future reference.

Main namespace Edit

Subpages are not to be used when naming articles in main namespace. The articles should be "flat" rather than organized in a tree structure, therefore the accepted standard is to give the article a title that may be used as if in normal conversation. Slashes can be used in an article title if they are part of the title.

Non-article pages should not be attached to articles by using subpages in the main namespace. That includes source material, maintenance lists or procedural pages, etc. Temporary or candidate versions of a page should be placed in the user's namespace or the article's talk namespace. 

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