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Cassandra, Pt. VII [Re:Set] is a song released on the Cassandra Rising EP by Area 11. The song is first sung by a Vocaloid. Then the lyrics are repeated, with the first half up to "Just a Dream" sung by Sparkles* and the rest is sung by the Vocaloid again.


Connecting stream
Through secret cities in my mind
Sometimes I catch the dream
But then I’m pulled inside
And I can’t get out
From worlds of light and rain, no I can’t get out

Take in the night
Through my window, such a trip
Maybe I’ll change the whole world
Into a paperclip
But I don’t get out
From worlds of light and rain, no I don’t get out

Just a dream
I hope

Reset tonight
Reset tonight
There is nothing here to haunt us
No more darkness left to fight

Reset tonight
Reset tonight
I won't forget until I close my eyes


The phrase "Maybe I’ll change the whole world into a paperclip" may refer to a thought experiment proposed by Nick Bostrom called a paperclip maximizer. It suggests that if a superintendent AI was tasked with a paperclip factory and given the goal of producing paperclips, being smarter than humans, it would expand production to convert everything in existence into paperclips while also ensuring its continued existence. This would be at the expense of humanity, as it would not want humans to turn it off because that would mean no more paperclips and also humans could be turned into paperclips.