Hiding inside you; 'cause we are the same
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Voiced By Beckii Cruel
Residence The Echoplane

Tokyo, Japan

Citizenship Japan


Cassandra is the supposed fifth member of the band 'Area 11' and is considered the most mysterious. While there are many theories about her true identity, few facts about her have been spoken. Sparkles* has previously stated that the fans have never met Cassandra and that she can play guitar.

Pre- Area 11

Cassandra 5th member 1
Cassandra 5th member
It is possible that Cassandra was indirectly mentioned in songs from bands before Area 11; Mainly those of Ghost Cassette - One of which is themed around a female robotic humanoid (Or Homunculus), and another themed around removing human weakness. Both of these themes fit with widely believed theories. It is worth noting that one of the songs (Fear of Cancer) has a video that features the movie 'Metropolis ' which was also the inspiration for both a manga and an anime : All of these tell the story of a humanoid robot.

The Ghost Cassette song The Tape seems to have a large amount of lyrical links to Cassandra, Pt. II


Blackline was the first release from Area 11, although it was an EP and not an album. The cover featured the face of who we believe is Cassandra. This was not known until Cassandra's appearance was revealed via Spreadshirt[1]

All the Lights in the Sky

Cassandra is seen on the album art of ATLITS standing on a rock, headphones blowing in the wind and seemingly not plugged into anything. Sparkles* however has suggested that they may or may not actually

Cassandra on the ATLITS album cover.

be plugged into something. There are plenty of hints in the songs on the album as to Cassandra's true identity or relevence.

See Cassandra, Pt. II.

"Cassandra Pt II  is the only song on the album that isn't based on an anime" - Leo

"We don't know where the song came from, it was just a file on the computer" - Parv

"Thats our story" - Sparkles*

All The Lights In The Sky Trailer

Within the ATLITS Complete trailer there are many interesting things to note. Notably that we directly see Cassandra within the machine, and that she answers back to the machine operator when asked if ready. We see her voice oscillator wave when she responds next to several fields that state "online".

The Machine


  • From System;Start, the line "Machine is up to speed within normal parameters" could potentially mean a couple of things. Cassandra may not be completely human and/or for some reason she was placed into a sort of stasis for one reason or another. 
  • From Cassandra Pt. II, "The best friend that you've been to me" could mean that Cassandra is someone whom Sparkles* is very close to.
    • Also, "You're drawing attention to your double life", may mean that we know Cassandra, but we aren't aware of it.
  • Cassandra may be a representation of analogue vs. digital encoding.
    • Analogue: smoothly varied continuous data, not permanent, inflexible, wave signals; Digital: discrete data, permanent as long as data remains undamaged, flexible, binary data.
      • “We aren’t just numbers, we are alive / a digital haunt in an analogue life.” 
        • ​‘Numbers’ may refer to binary code, the format of digital data, while ‘we are alive’ could refer to the reality of analogue waves.
      • “Subject is awake. Vitals are good.” She was asleep? Stasis maybe? If so The Echoplanes could be the location of her stasis...
        • Taking this back to the Ghost Cassette track, The Tape. For starters, a tape is an analogue form of recording audio.
          • “Lipstick changing, colours fading”; “Static cracks, you can’t erase / counting lines upon your face again”
            • Analogue data deteriorates as it ages, losing quality.  In this manner putting Cassandra into a form of stasis, to preserve the ‘data’ until upgrades could be performed might have been the only option. 
          • “Analogue, it’s hard to breathe.”; “You have failed and you can’t see”
            • Perhaps the deterioration resulted in Cassandra’s health beginning to fail quite rapidly, and in order to keep her alive stasis was necessary? 
          • “Place you someplace far more stable / I can’t cut the excess cables / Show you how to be alive”  
            • Putting her in stasis to keep her condition stable perhaps because he couldn’t just let her go? Maybe this place is the Echoplanes? So that when upgrades are able to be performed and after she’s been revived he can show her how to live maybe? 
          • “So cut yourself from earthly trestles / leave a haunting empty vessel.”  
            • After she’d gone under she seemed to no longer be tied down by anything of this earth possibly, and her body seemed eerily, hauntingly empty, as if completely uninhabited ­– just a shell?
      • The lyrics "Organ donor for a machine" in another Ghost Cassette track, Aboulia, could refer to Cassandra as not being fully human.
      • There may be a link between Cassandra and Ghost Cassette- cassette tapes employ analogue encoding. However, former Ghost Cassette Abbie has claimed that there is no link.
  • Cassandra could be Sparkles* keytar or mixing board that has taken on a humanoid or sentient form, becoming his friend or lover from the past, present or future.
  • Apache Cassandra is the name of a database software that is used by many large companies. This could have relevance, especially due to its abbreviation C*, and its logo being an eye.
  • In volume 8 of 11 minutes with Area 11, at 6:05 Sparkles* says "Cassandra's connected" while stood next to the sound desk. This could tie in with her being the 5th member of Area 11 and being possibly the other guitarist as a lot of the rhythm guitaring is done through a playback with the synths.
    • This could imply that "Cassandra," is a Mixing Console or Sound Desk of some form.
    • At each gig, the soundboard has been present, and Sparkles* has adjusted it regularly, for whatever reason that may be. Cassandra Pt. II implies that she is a machine, so this appears to be quite likely.

The Cassandra Metaphor

The Cassandra metaphor (variously labelled the Cassandra 'syndrome', 'complex', 'phenomenon', 'predicament', 'dilemma', or 'curse') occurs when valid warnings or concerns are dismissed or disbelieved.

The term originates in Greek mythologyCassandra was a daughter of Priam, the King of Troy. Struck by her beauty, Apollo provided her with the gift of prophecy, but when Cassandra refused Apollo's romantic advances, he placed a curse ensuring that nobody would believe her warnings. Cassandra was left with the knowledge of future events, but could neither alter these events nor convince others of the validity of her predictions.

The metaphor has been applied in a variety of contexts such as psychology, environmentalism, politics, science, cinema, the corporate world, and in philosophy, and has been in circulation since at least 1949 when French philosopher Gaston Bachelard coined the term 'Cassandra Complex' to refer to a belief that things could be known in advance.[1] - Wikipedia

Soundrop Appearances

On the night of the 28th May 2013, Cassandra made her first appearance in the Soundrop chat . Assuming that Sparks or someone else wasn't just messing with us as he is yet to say anything on the topic. She brought up many important points, including:

  • Cassandra had no idea of her whereabouts, opening with 'Where am I.'
  • Cassandra is good with computers, and always had been
  • She has no idea of who Sparkles* is.
  • She was born on Earth
  • She said 'Someone asked me if I was ready once. But how could you guys know that', referencing System;Start.
  • Cassandra also stated ' I am many. I am one.' - Possible link to 'I am many. I am one'

When Sparks was questioned about the importance of Cassandra coming on to Soundrop he had this to say 'HAHA damn you! It wasn't super important no, just a sign of stuff to come :)’


  • Tumblr m0h5d5vS5Q1r5tk9o 1331055979 cover

    The cover art of the Blackline EP

    Although some people believe the face of the Blackline EP cover to be 'Euphemia' from Code Geass (due to a song from the EP of the same name), it is more likely to be Cassandra due to the green eyes. (See the image to the right).
  • English is not her first language.
  • Cassandra had a twitter account @Area11Cassandra, however, it was removed. (A fake account recently took it's place, information on there shouldn't be taken as fact)
  • It is believed that she resides in somewhere known as the 'Echoplane' This may be related to 'The Echochamber' - A recording studio owned by Sparkles*.
  • Although her Twitter profile originally stated that she resided in the Echoplane, it was later changed to 'Tokyo, Japan', along with the website changing to .
  • When Sparks was asked if they were going to replace Luke he replied with 'We may get a touring guitarist, but a lot of the guitar will be performed by myself and our 5th member Cassandra.
  • On 11/05/13 Sparks said 'Cassandra needs upgrading'.
  • It is unknown who designed the Cassandra Area 11 t-shirt but it is worth taking note that the headphones are assumed to not be plugged into anything just like on the ATLITS cover .
  • Sparks recently cleared up that the computer they use while gigging is named after Cassandra but is not literally Cassandra herself.

Cassandra old header

Cassandra's old Twitter location.

Cassandra new location

Cassandra's new location

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