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Bakandakunnn Bakandakunnn 21 September 2018


Hello everyone! I just stumbled across the group again because of their two new songs, and I wanted to know if the ARG was already finished or not. 

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Seaaan Seaaan 26 June 2017

Random Cassandra ideas/probably complete rubbish/lets give this a go anyway

So here goes. This theory is a theory based on like 3 theories, but my friend said its pretty significant.

In Bōsōzoku Symphonic, Movement 3, Redline, is played in an 8-Bit style. 8-Bit music is generally recognized to have something to do with technology, or a machine. A theory has previously stated that Cassandra is a machine/part of a machine. During Redline, a significant tune is played and repeated, starting at 6.25. Said tune is the same tune played at the end of Processor and Panacea and the Prelogue (the section that goes like "lines fade out and you/I illuminate). Another theory has stated that Processor and Panacea and the Prelogue are both to/from Cassandra. Does this mean that Bōsōzoku Symphonic is from Cassandra's point of view…

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RockDHouse25 RockDHouse25 25 March 2017

RockDHouse's Grand Unified Theory

  • 1 Preface
  • 2 Where
    • 2.1 Prologue III (Echodeath)
    • 2.3 Modern Synthesis

This is going to be a long one, and as such I should define some rules and assumptions I'll be making.

As per Sparkles*' comment here, I'll be limiting myself to the following sources:

  1. The Tape (Maybe)
  2. Cassandra, Pt. II
  3. Prologue III (Echodeath)
  4. Underline
  6. Modern Synthesis
  7. Let It Resonate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Promotional work and images
  9. Anything confirmed by the band

I'll be drawing quite a bit from my Modern Synthesis in order theory, at least the parts that relate to Modern Synthesis. Consider this a sort of sequel/development of it.

Similarly to that theory, I will be assuming both the subject and speaker are the same person across songs and within songs. Although I won't b…

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SwishySloth SwishySloth 12 January 2017

My Theory on the possibility of 2 Cassandras

This theory will be covering the possibility of there being two instances of Cassandra, one to represent Digital data, and one to represent Analogue

[1]==Analogue Cassandra Edit==

In the Ghost Cassette song "The Tape" there are many lines that could be a reference to analogue Cassandra being replaced/upgraded to digital. It is also very important to note that a cassette tape is a piece of analogue technology. Further supporting this theory.

"Baby you’re so popular, But there are those who don’t know you. You are obsolete. Darling you are so young, But there are those, who’ll outlive you. You are obsolete."

Obsolete: no longer produced or used; out of date. This could be referring to the fact that digital technology is more recent and advanced,…

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NewTides NewTides 9 December 2016

After The Flags - Music Video - Theories From The Area 11 Discord

So far this is just a copy-paste job but I will get round to sumerising it at some point. Just bear in mind that I procrastinate a lot and have mocks atm. This may or may not ever get touched again. Just saying.

Also: sorry about the weird indenting, not really sure why that happens. You might want to [hide] the contents bar - it did that automatically too, sorry - again.

  • 1 0118999881999119725...3-Today at 6:08 PM
  • 2 Tol Brooke-Today at 6:09 PM
  • 3 0118999881999119725...3-Today at 6:11 PM
  • 4 Tol Brooke-Today at 6:11 PM
  • 5 0118999881999119725...3-Today at 6:11 PM
  • 6 Tol Brooke-Today at 6:11 PM
  • 7 0118999881999119725...3-Today at 6:11 PM
  • 8 Tol Brooke-Today at 6:12 PM
  • 9 0118999881999119725...3-Today at 6:14 PM
  • 10 Alipoodle-Today at 6:15 PM
  • 11 Tol Brooke-Today at 6:15 PM
  • 12…

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Everlastingwonder Everlastingwonder 27 October 2016

A Collection of Random Musings Upon Various Topics

This blog post is mainly just a place for me to put theories that I come up with; if you expect any sort of organization or coherence you're probably looking in the wrong place. However, these may be useful as random inspiration or simply as things to discuss. As always, please feel free to comment and tell me what you think!

  • Connections:
    • "You can outrun everything but the debt that you owe" (The Strays) ~ "You break the Contracts / And smile away your debt" (The Contract)
  • Hidden Meanings:
    • Could The Tape actually be referring to a cancerous or mutated gene? "Tape" = DNA/genetic code; "ghost on the tape" = mutated gene; "obsolete" = gene was once useful but now is not. (Could also refer to a provirus)
    • "All the lines between the dots" (Vectors) =…
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Everlastingwonder Everlastingwonder 14 October 2016

On The Subject Of Certain Musical Anthologies, And The Connections Present Therein

There's something that occurred to me as soon as I learned about the hidden track (Override [B]) at the beginning of Modern Synthesis: the position of that track—and two others—may not be a coincidence. The entire Override Symphony creates a single song when all three songs are played sequentially, and the band has said specifically about Override [B] that it "flows from its predecessor track on the Underline EP, a nexus point between two universes, setting the scene for what is to come." This leads me to my theory: what if the placement of this hidden track means that the song serves as a bridge between more than Override [A] and Override [C]? Override [A]—the final song on the Underline EP—naturally flows into Override [B] and then Overr…

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Sporeman0 Sporeman0 1 October 2016

Digital Haunt Theory - Cassandra begins in the echoplane

There are 7 songs which are most relevant to my Digital Haunt theory; System;Start, Are You Listening?, Override A, Override C, Cassandra, Pt. II, Processor and Panacea and the Prelogue. The other songs take minor roles, such as the Anime songs in ATLITS, which I believe are "in-universe", and the other Modern Synthesis songs, which carry themes of the Digital Haunt but are not necessarily about it. One final piece of information is that Area 11 are not (necessarily) in the Digital Haunt universe, evidence (right) taken from the comments section of Vlog 5. This skews my previous theory that they were the cause of Cassandra leaving the Echoplane, but does not by any means disprove it, just cause it to require adjusting. This theory hinges …

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RockDHouse25 RockDHouse25 18 August 2016

Modern Synthesis in Order Theory

So here's a thought experiment: what if Modern Synthesis was in order? Like each song follows the next chronologically in the Digital Haunt Story? If that's the case, I have a theory. I think it's a story of defection in a war.

  • 1 Track-by-Track Explanation
    • 1.1 Override [C]
    • 1.2 The Contract
    • 1.3 Watchmaker
    • 1.4 Versus
    • 1.5 Processor
    • 1.6 Red Queen
    • 1.7 Angel Lust
    • 1.8 The Life of a Ghost
    • 1.9 After the Flags
    • 1.10 Nebula
    • 1.11 Panacea and the Prelogue

I'm not exactly sure what event Override [C] describes, as it refers more to The Subject rather than The Speaker, who this theory more concerns itself. Regardless, the important thing is that the Override is an important event, that will have large ramifications, the impetus for the War

Similarly, The Contract is about The Subj…

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Zou Sama Zou Sama 8 July 2016

Echo/Cassandra theories

Apologies for the weird format, but I summed up what I'm contributing in a skype conversation better than I probably will be able to in a rant, and as such I have (with permission) just copied and pasted the conversation.

without further ado:

[6:19:42 PM] Neko Chan: Anyways, did you see the new vid for The Contract? Like, it doesn't add anything; it just looks nice :)

[6:20:03 PM] Zou Sama: I have not seen it but will remedy this momentarily

[6:20:49 PM] Neko Chan: There are a lot of flashing images, so fair warning

[6:21:11 PM] Zou Sama: there was a warning in the annotations XD There must be a lot.

[6:21:34 PM] Neko Chan: A whole 4 minutes worth

[6:22:19 PM] Zou Sama: Just a few seconds in, I would argue it HAS added

[6:24:16 PM] Zou Sama: Based…

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NewTides NewTides 3 July 2016

Modern Synthesis Unifying Theory WIP

Alright so the text-block below is pretty outdated and was a spontaneous response as opposed to a well thought out analysis. While some of the ideas are still valid, a lot of it misses the mark quite considerably. There is however a theory that sums everything up pretty well but because I couldn't find it on the wiki, I'm just gonna copy-past from Discord. I would like to stress that these are not my ideas and full credit goes to this person (I'm not entirely sure what their actual name is despite what it is on discord):

  • 1 Anton Jones-Today at 7:15 PM
  • 2 Pixel-Today at 7:29 PM
  • 3 Anton Jones-Today at 7:59 PM
  • 4 Anton Jones-Today at 8:01 PM
  • 5 Pixel-Today at 8:06 PM
  • 6 Anton Jones-Today at 8:06 PM
  • 7 Anton Jones-Today at 8:07 PM
  • 8 Pixel-Today at 8:07 PM
  • 9 Anton Jo…

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Area12 Area12 3 July 2016

War/Evolution Theory

Alright, so here's a theory that I have had even before listening to Modern Synthesis. I got this theory mainly from Versus, but I think it also applies to the rest of album.

What if the two recurring themes of Evolution and War are both connected. What if two species are rapidly evolving in order to win the war they have between each other?

As evidence for this, I'll use a few lyrics from Versus, which has been confirmed by Sparkles* to be about wars between interdimensional gods. I also believe it is sang by someone on either side of the war. 

We adapt, mutilate, replicate and survive We adapt, we mutate, replicate and divide

They adapt (evolve), mutilate (injure/disfigure), replicate (reproduce), and survive (win the war?).

They also repli…

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GamingCoconut GamingCoconut 2 July 2016


I think this is telling the story of Cassandra.

I'll skip "0-" for now and get back to it at the end.

"2" is The Contract. Cassandra has signed a contract to gain power, but the contract was really a trick in order to make her lose everything.

"6" is Red Queen. Cassandra has lost it all, hence "I said I don't mind, but you've touched a nerve. The way you frame it, I got all I deserved." It leads to her defecting and creating her own world.

"3" is Watchmaker. In this song, Cassandra creates a world to rival the previous world (the Echoplane) that she came from. This causes a conflict between the two worlds, and people, leading to an interdimensional war.

"4" is Versus. Sparkles* has stated that Versus is about a war between interdimensional gods…

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GammaBeheeyem GammaBeheeyem 28 June 2016

A (mostly) full analysis of Underline

Pre-preface: I binge-wrote the following over the course of two nights last July but never got the motivation to actually finish, and I don't think I'll be able to get into the same flow I was in at the time very easily to be able to write my analysis of Override[A], even though I do have a lot of thoughts and ideas about its place in this interpretation of Underline. I might add a short summary at the end of this about any major things I wanted to eventually bring up but didn't due to not finishing this. In any case, here it is, relatively unedited from my first draft:

Okay, so, I've never posted on here before because I've never had any insight into the layers of meaning in the lyrics of these songs and how they might relate to the story …

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RockDHouse25 RockDHouse25 12 May 2016

Submission-Revival Theory

So I was listening to The Contract, and I was finding the meaning of the chorus extremely clear. I'm fairly certain it describes the conditions of "the Contract": control and resurrection. "Submit yourself to me / Your body and your mind; give it willingly” suggests that the speaker will gain control of the subject, in exchange, the subject will “come alive again”.

I found that this theory shares some parallels with some other songs. Shi No Barado, for example, contains the submission elements. “Cause baby you can use me / I will do what you want me to”. As for the revival part, the title does translate to “Ballad of Death”.

Euphemia also seems to refer to the same event. “I became your puppet master, / As you stared into my eyes”. I doubt t…

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Theboothy Theboothy 9 May 2016

The Evolution of War Theory

The term "Modern Synthesis" refers to the concept of Modern Evolutionary Synthesis which describes the process by which organisms evolve. It may be interesting to approach the analysis of the album as purely evolutionary. We know that Versus is about war ("It's about wars between inter-dimensional gods" - Sparkles*, Yogscast 2015 livestreams), and there are references to evolution ("We adapt, mutilate, replicate and survive").

We can therefore perhaps reason that Modern Synthesis refers to the evolution of war itself. "The Contract" being the situation that two parties got themselves into conflict in the first place. "Watchmaker" being about a 3rd party ("middle child of eternity") who needs resolution of the conflict. And "Versus" being th…

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AnotherGinger11 AnotherGinger11 10 April 2016


Breakthrough, we've all heard it by now and it is more than likely related to The Digital Haunt. 

It is probably seen through the eyes of a science who has been working on/ finished his final work. "I crack my brittle hands I'm feeling so much older" could be that he is getting old and that this project has taken him a long while. His project could be the creation or the upgrade process of Cassandra.

But something I've been wondering is that perhaps this scientist could be one of the key people? (Cassandra the main one and then it has been thought that there could be more than one person involved.)  

To streatch this theory Ima go ahead and say that there might of been some sort of case of stocholme syndrome thrown in.

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RockDHouse25 RockDHouse25 28 March 2016

Salty about Breakthrough

What's it been- a month or so since Breathrough was released?

I have looked all over the interwebs for information about this album. I turn up nothing. The official blog posts we've all seen about the existance of it, nothing else. No one's talking about it, no one's sharing it, no one has it.

Which is sad.

Breakdown was really cool, I love this song. But the fundamental problem here is the way it was released. Exclusively through a failing subscription service? Really? Not everyone likes anime, and far more people do not want to pay the stupidly high price of the subscription. So no one subscribes because they see a great artist do this.

The question I'm asking is what does anyone get out of this? Money? If OMASKE specifically hired Sparkles …

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CoolJWR100 CoolJWR100 12 March 2016

Excited for Album ii

Not sure what the name would be though. I never knew till recently it would have one.

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RockDHouse25 RockDHouse25 5 March 2016

Breakdown- Interpretation


Generally I see this as spoken from the view of a scientist, completing his final work after a "breakthrough". "Writing my name at the bottom" could be the closing signature of some report on his task, and "drinking to his health", celebrating the completion. Of what? There seems to be language which suggests something medical,and technological. Both "ethanol", a disinfectant, and a "protocol" were involved. It reminds me much of some of the backtracked lyrics in Prologue III, "And she turned her back towards the middle and watched as the final sample spun and cancelled out all of her work". It does seem likely to tie into the upgrading theme, digital and analogue. What seems to be intresting to me is the mention of "timelines". I wond…

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Dorminion Dorminion 5 March 2016

Breakdown (Theory 1)

the breakdown, is a collection a different area 11 songs themes and lyrics and it reference to the puzzle being solved which could easy mean how were found the key, but I think it's more a song about sparkles' relationship or friend saying that throughout the writing of the story and giving us hints they left and saying that its hurts but he will get over it.


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Lalna Rocks Lalna Rocks 3 March 2016

Album 2 title

What im thinking is that as a community we all try to guess the name of album 2 and share the prize, if we get to choose the prize i say we ask for all Area 11 tracks relased and unreleased ei: Fan subs, Human Is Dead; Mismatch,

Here are the clues

  • The Name is 2/3 the length of ATLITS meaning it has 2 words
  • The letters that start each word are different
  • Kogie came up with the name
  • The album name has NO numbers at all including roman numerals and worded numbers.

Lets see if we can guess it and try to win the prize

This is just speculation but Kogie said he might change his name to VVVVV for the album name might have a V in it or 5 V's in total  ( ,…

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GamingCoconut GamingCoconut 6 January 2016

A Place to Congregate My Theories and Ideas

Cassandra Pt. II - "Hiding from you, hiding from you, hiding inside you, 'cause we are the same." Multiple personalities? Or the virus from Versus.

Now is a good time to bring up how Versus is most likely the long waited for Cassandra Pt. V. The cover art for the single Versus is a 'V' with dots around them (which we already know the dots are important {see the Versus page}). A 'V' is also the Roman numeral for five, apart from being the first letter in Versus. Cassandra Pt. II uses the Roman numeral II for a number two instead of 2. 

Continuing on:

From Versus, "The virus in our heads that infects us all" could be referencing the entirety of Cassandra Pt. II. The first verse here: 

"Still, although it doesn't really matter now

I can't believe it; tha…

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CoolcowMOO123 CoolcowMOO123 5 January 2016

Bablings of a madman... : Billowing snake eyes

First order of buisiness, what if there was no split personality and that was echo?!?? In Prologue 3 echodeath it says at the end: "and the god echo cried". So it is likely that there was a split personality. Also, in OVERRIDE, someone is asked if they are willing to die to be somthing. I think the split personality is going to scarafice themself to save the scientist and destroy the digiverse.

Second, I have weird titles because you cant have a # in the title, so I settled for second best and put forboding messages vaugely relating to numbers. The original sin, original implies it was the first so: #1. Snake eyes is when you roll 2 1's. 1 + 1 = 2. #2

Third, all the songs have different parts of the story scattered about them, so that is why I…

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CoolcowMOO123 CoolcowMOO123 5 January 2016

Bablings of a madman... : The original sin

I think that: (cannonical order)

(in the blind) There is a scientist dude, he is doing stuff, and he ends up discovering a "digital world-ish thing." Either the echoplane or sonthing else. Then, the scientist finds someone in this new world (casandra?). (dreams/realities and posibly shi no barado)  They fall in love and stuff. (cassandra pt.2) Then, scientist discovers that they are actualy the same person. Posible because the digiverse recognises his split personaly as another being and projects it into the world as such (or it is all in the scientist's head). (Versus, knightmare/frame, and euphemia) There is a war going on and stuffs (watevs) . The scientist's position in the war will end up emotionally hurting their split personlity. (cassandr…

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AnotherGinger11 AnotherGinger11 19 November 2015

Just Some Random Ideas

I don't think that Area 11 would actually do this but oh well, it's an interesting concept.

What if they played chords in orders that made words? Because on a staff, you can make words with notes.

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Dorminion Dorminion 18 November 2015

War Theory

Versus is about war and it seem that homunculus is too, the cover seems to be a sonic boom from an aircraft and normally a craft doesn't have to go that fast unless it's in a war zone, also the lyrics correlate,

"I can see something appear in the sulfur" which could be gunfire or explosion

Such a price to pay Exchanging flesh for steel and rust" he lost limbs or internal organs and got metal replacements 

We stood and watched as the flames embraced All we left behind erased" the war field and the carnage

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Dorminion Dorminion 18 November 2015

Random Ideas


"All aboard the sinking ship" form Are You Listening could be related to "Scuttle the ships, there's no return With our backs to the river" From Versus

which could mean the ships are sinking and people in question are being ignored by the people on the bay

or it could be more of a metaphor saying that were trying to use that were looking for answering thing that are completely wrong (on the wrong trail)

Just an Idea

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Dorminion Dorminion 18 November 2015

Guessing Track Names



5;Smihilism or 

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Firedancer0x Firedancer0x 14 September 2015

Random ideas and stuffs

Hello, just joined! Wanted to throw out some of my ideas (or whatever), if anyone could make use of them. At this time i haven't read all the ideas/theories, so i won't know everything. And most of these ideas don't connect ( Or atleast i can't see a connection). So that's that.

Notice 1: Digital Haunt

As Sparkles* did say, Digital Haunt IS a ARG, so we should probably think about it from a game's perspective, or some parts of it. But...

Notice 2: Digital Haunt (pt2)

We (I) don't know whether it is a game or a story

Idea 1: The explosion

It could be a explosion of a star. But, as Sparkles* said, we should be thinking of what the explosion is, so maybe it represents the end/begining of a new "era". (I don't even know what i mean myself)

Idea 2: Cassan…

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Faucetunicorn Faucetunicorn 19 August 2015


hey guys,

i'm pretty new to the wiki but have been doing DH for about a year. if anyone is interested in working in a group for a couple of things, message me! i love working with other people on theories

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DJCalTheGuy DJCalTheGuy 17 August 2015

Hey, I'm a total newbie-

I'm a total newbie to the DH site; so if anyone has any tips on how to use the site well, it would be appreciated, thank you.

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Ludicrouszak Ludicrouszak 5 July 2015

Test Post Please Ignore

Hi, this is a test post to ensure that my blog postings will work in the future. There isnt a strict set of rules that will ditctate as to what this article will lead to.

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PurplexedAvatar PurplexedAvatar 14 June 2015

Woo! I made a Wikia account... I'm so confused.

Hai. I'm confused...

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TheCarnifex TheCarnifex 10 June 2015

Arsenic Sulfide Theory

First post on here but here's my theory; The Arsenic Sulfide Theory. This basically just backs up the Fire/Destruction theme, but here goes.

Cassandra is an anagram of 'sandaracs'  sandarac is a type of resin extracted from Cypress trees. Following the theory of looking a Greek meaning, Sandrac was used to refer to Arsenic Sulfide, specifically, Tetraarsenic Tetrasulfide AKA Realgar.

Realgar is a toxic, red, crystal used to make fireworks, fitting the theme of fire and destruction and could explain "The Lights in the Sky"

11/6/2015 Looked over Euphemia closer. "The burning sky" could be the sky coated in a veil of fireworks, red ones, creating the illusion of fire. "Up in flames" normally refers to something being completely destroyed or dism…

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MaKit MaKit 8 May 2015

Makit's "Dreams, Reality and Childhood's End" Theory

  • 1 Makit’s Dream, Reality and Childhood’s End Theory
  • 2 The Themes
  • 3 The Story
  • 4 How it relates to Sparkles* and Area11

(Note that while I state my assertions as if they are absolute fact, what I really mean is that they are true according to my theory. I also apologise if come off as pretentious, that’s just sort of how I write.)

This theory will argue that the ‘Lights’, ‘Sky’, ‘Digital’ and ‘Art’ themes, as well as the character ‘You’ in many songs, are synonymous with the theme of ‘Dreams’, and conversely ‘Me’, ‘Ground’ and ‘Analogue’ are synonymous with ‘Reality’. By extension, Cassandra is a metaphor for Sparkles* making his dream a reality. This theory does not explain many other aspects of Digital Haunt and mostly only applies to All The Lights…

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Takafumi Sakagami Takafumi Sakagami 20 April 2015

Putting It Together - A Theory of Three

Months and months ago I tweeted this out. Turns out, I'm lazy, aaand I never really progressed with it, but I'm back on the DH hypetrain and I'll be adding to this every now and then. This was written before Area ii was announced, so it may be slightly out of date, but the idea should be correct. This theory is the idea that there are three main figures in the story.

  • 1 Prologue III - A tragedy
  • 2 Cassandra Pt. II - Meeting Enemy
    • 2.1 Wrap Up
  • 3 Override [A] - Becoming Enemy
    • 3.1 Wrap Up

I believe that Prologue III is crucial to the story hidden within Area 11's songs. It presumably sets the scene for the third act, and knowing this we can figure out when certain songs occured in relation to Prologue III. We also know that Digital Haunt is inspired somewh…

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BikerClo BikerClo 2 March 2015

Are we listening to the wrong thing?

Earlier i anonomously put a comment on the are you listening part of the wiki as i couldn't log in due to school computers. Me and my brother have had the thought that maybe we are listening to the lyrics not the words. If this confuses you let me explain.

Lyrics: This is what we have been told is sung even though it might sound different

Words: What it sounds like being sung these aren't always the lyrics

Me and my brother are about to begin listening to every song involved to see where the words are different to the lyrics and i will post our findings here.But not the silly things only the sensible things.


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United Martains United Martains 24 February 2015


Hello! I'm LachlanJP81, or United Martains as I am known on wikia. I have recently begun editing and adding my theories to the wiki, as well as art I have created. Feel free to say hi anytime :)

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Zelphium Zelphium 19 January 2015

Just a jumble of info...

This is just a mess, but if you must, have a read a try and make sense of it. This is how mybrain works....

Sparkles* - Singer, Footnotes, Allen & Heath, Roland, Echochamber

Cassandra - AI? Cyborg? Filled with rage at destruction of Echoplane

Sky - Lights, Look up

Love - 3 parts, possibly 2 parts known (lose, recieve), {major theory}

Machine/Computer - Binary, Hexidecimal, bits, memory, CPU, processing

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RainDay RainDay 18 January 2015

Rain's Too Lazy to Come Up with a Title

So I sort of noticed this a while back but haven't had time to post it.

So do you see the yellow-ish area in the background here?

Could it be the explosion?

Is Cassandra watching from a vantage point (possibly) at the edge of the explosion? 

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Takafumi Sakagami Takafumi Sakagami 4 December 2014

Marionette - A short look at the lyrics

Titans were a pretty large part of Greek mythos. They were practically equal to the Gods at one point. They were very intelligent~

The story of Marionette is fairly mythological, so it is possible. Could it be about Centaurs slaying Giants? Unlikely... but possible~

However, the "carcass of the giant," could also be some form of ecological power. Something big in the world of it's time, but not a living being. The fall of a company perhaps...

It's hard to tell; Most of the song is metaphorical. The second verse, for example, appears to be the confused hallucenations or imaginings of someone.

"Creeping on the bloodstock concubine,"

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Bennett713 Bennett713 5 November 2014

Female Vocals

So "Are You Listening" was released and in it there are references to the songs in ATLITS and the name suggests we need to listen. Upon noticing female/high pitched vocals (I will refer to them as female vox from now on) in the background of "Heaven Piercing Giga Drill, a friend and I went through the other songs to see if they were there too. Here are the songs where the female vox are confirmed to be by us, and the points where the vocals are most obvious:

Dream & Reality (Voice seems to be pretty much everywhere here, and more obvious than other songs.)

Heaven Piercing Giga Drill (Most of the way through, becomes obvious at 1:50 onwards, and extremly obvious after the "Who the hell do you think we are")

Cassandra ptII ("All in my mind I fe…

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Owlpig Owlpig 5 November 2014

Lyrical analysis

This makes more sense if you read my theory. I have also commented on the songs' overall theme, though most of them touch basically the same subjects they overlap and connect between each other.

  • 1 Aboulia
  • 2 After the Flags
  • 3 All the Lights in the Sky
  • 4 Angel Lust
  • 5 Are You Listening
  • 6 Blow Out the Candles
  • 7 Cassandra pt 2
  • 8 Chasing the Guillotine
  • 9 The Contract
  • 10 Dream & Reality
  • 11 Euphemia
  • 12 Fear of Cancer
  • 13 Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill
  • 14 Homunculus
  • 15 Hypoxia
  • 16 Imperial Guard
  • 17 In the Blind
  • 18 Knightmare/Frame
  • 19 The Legendary Sannin
  • 20 The Life of a Ghost
  • 21 Marionette
  • 22 Nebula
  • 23 Override [A]
  • 24 Override [C]
  • 25 Panacea and the Prelogue
  • 26 Scissorborn
  • 27 Shi no Barado
  • 28 Slipstream
  • 29 The Strays
  • 30 The Tape
  • 31 Tokyo House Party
  • 32 Vectors

Sparkles* working on upgrading Cassandra

Everything that I…

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Owlpig Owlpig 4 November 2014

Owl's theory

Okay so this is the rough storyline that I think the Digital Haunt is about, but since there's obviously still puzzle pieces missing it's not complete and also I'm too lazy to add in the song references.

(Also I will refer to the main character as Sparkles* even though it's not sure it's him.)

So basically Cassandra speaks to Sparkles* in his dream/mind. She helps him sing (possibly his lungs are not working properly) and in return he helps her escape from the Echoplane. She is rebelling against it, is possibly going to be executed? and has to flee.

In the process of Cassandra escaping the Echoplane is destroyed by Cassandra but she is very severely hurt, she falls into Sparkles*' arms and they watch the explosion together in safety. Sparkles…

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CaveyRockz CaveyRockz 2 November 2014

Are You Listening? - My line/phrase breakdown

Ok so this is my first blog post and is here for anyone and for me to document my thoughts. I have been keeping an eye on Digital Haunt ever since I stumbled across it. It pulls you in so much that I've forgotten when exactly I found this place but it was most likely around ATLITS. I've always contemplated joining this wiki but this song just gave me the push I needed.

Just before i started typing this I checked the lyrical analysis of "Are You Listening?" and found that I had some of the same thoughts, even so this should still be relevant because some I interpreted differently. I'll be analysing this as though everything is somewhat related to Digital Haunt. This will be long due to putting my ideas in context. Note anything that is in it…

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Kerwanstar Kerwanstar 2 November 2014

Eleven of Britannia

Nothing to see anymore :)

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Takafumi Sakagami Takafumi Sakagami 29 October 2014

In The Blind - Line by line analysis.

Hold the line? Thespianic answers. - Keep composure and don't break under pressure. The answers mentioned are overdramatic.

Abode of time annihilates advances. - The place where time resides stops any advancement.

I redesign, I realign.

Frozen, as in, foetal. - Taking up foetal position or going back in time, allows this person to recreate something.

Red-shift bathes the hours when it’s weakest. - Red Shift would usually refer to the color of objects in space moving away from the viewer. Linking it to the previous line, time would be going forward when Red Shift exists.

Space-gap-space; repeat; release the secrets. - Space-gap-space could mean a few things. Being in space, leaving, and returning, would be time travel. It could also mean nothingness, a…

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Theboothy Theboothy 23 October 2014

Event Horizon Theory

"And when I reach out into event horizons, will there be light and sound, or will it be just me."

An event horizon in general relativity is a theoretical boundary or a "point of no return", where the gravitational pull is so great it's impossible to escape, making all events that occur beyond it ineffectual to an outside observer.

An excerpt from Wikipedia says that:

"An event horizon is most commonly associated with black holes. Light emitted from beyond the event horizon can never reach the outside observer. Likewise, any object approaching the horizon from the observer's side appears to slow down and never quite pass through the horizon, with its image becoming more and more redshifted as time elapses."

We can possibly take this to be "the …

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MaKit MaKit 1 September 2014

Unrelated, but fun (if you like that kind of thing).

Hi! I Haven't been contributing much lately, 'cos I've been making my costume for I52 and preparing for university, and not much is going on in the DH world at the moment, what with EP2 quite some distance away, so i thought I'd share something I wrote while away as a kind of exercise; I put Knightmare/Frame into Latin.

I found a lot of things don't quite work, since the language tends not to have abstract concepts like 'inside' or 'nightmares'. It's also written quite weirdly in places since I had to abreviate sentences to fit the rhythm (at least I hope it does, Im no musician), and Latin rarely uses single syllable words like English does. It even kind of rhymes in places!

Along with the translation is what it literally says in English.


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