Lyrics Relating to Birth or Pregnancy


Something broken inside you


What is life but a burden for me?

Shi No Barado

My body will be your fortress

Cassandra, Pt. II

Hiding inside you

Cassandra (Pt II) Demo

I wanna' know the complications right in front.

Dream & Reality

Umbilical cell phone, won’t you tell me what is real?

In The Blind

Frozen, as in, foetal.

Override [A]

The life giver will take away

You'll claw yourself out of the womb

To be born in the spotlight

The product of rape

The child of the void and the ghost in the tape

The Tape

The maker knows your time is late,

Fear of Cancer

Inside my body construct a fate,


Life is so simple inside a womb

I will never be your scissorborn.

Prologue III (Echodeath)

Do you, do you want to live inside the hive? Or do, do you want to die on the outside?

The Contract

I want you to come alive again


Middle child of eternity

Angel Lust

Did you conceive of us when in multitude above
Bearing us forth in labour pains of love?

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