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Breakthrough Album Art
Breakthrough Album Art
Released March 4, 2016
Recorded 2016
Length 18:29
Label Viewster
Producer Sparkles*

BREAKTHROUGH is an EP released by Sparkles* on March 4, 2016. It was independently produced outside Area 11, and has much more a synth-electronic focus. However, the lyrics in the songs still relate to Digital Haunt.

One of the songs, Breakdown, can be listened to on Sparkles*'s YouTube channel. Pieces of Arguments & Algorithms can also be heard from previews on Sparkles*'s My Week Vlogs.

Track listing

  1. Prediction
  2. Silhouette
  3. Arguments & Algorithms
  4. Breakdown
  5. Conclusion

Obtaining the EP

UPDATE 15/04/2018 - Sparkles* uploaded the EP to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon. The link provided in his tweet to the iTunes linked to another EP of the same name, although not his. Originally, the EP was only available to subscribers of his Twitch channel, which were then able to download the EP through Discord for free.


The EP was available for exclusive download for OMAKASE subscribers. However, as the OMAKASE service was shut down at the end of March 2016, there was no official way to obtain the album unless one had subscribed to OMAKASE before the shutdown.

The company that ran OMAKASE, Viewster, owned the rights to distribute the album on a six-month contract, so Sparkles* had the opportunity to renegotiate to sell the album around August 2016. However, Viewster also stated they don't intend to release their ownership of the rights to the album.

After the deadline passed, Sparkles* mentioned in a YouTube comment he was looking to distribute the EP around November 2016. It wasn't until April 2018 that he decided (or was able) to release the album publicly on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming sites.