Code Geass

Code Geass

Here you will find a list of things that influence Area 11 in their music direction. 

Anime Influences

Early Area 11 songs are influenced largely by many different anime, including: 

Area 11 have stated that no future song after Homunculus will relate to an anime.

Musical Influences

Area 11 are influenced by many different bands that include Japanese bands such as;

Other influences include;


  • Ryokan - Movement 1 of Bōsōzoku Symphonic is influenced from a poem that Monk Ryokan wrote.
  • Go!! Fighting Action Power is written as the end credits music for the anime Bravoman.
  • Sparkles* also says that Bakuman reflects how he felt about All The Lights In The Sky, according to the end of an InTheLittleWood Livestream. It can be found here .
  • The band's name "Area 11" is a reference to Code Geass, in which Japan has been renamed "Area 11".

Anime Gallery

Here you can find photos of all the animes listed above.

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