Fan Subs
Fan Subs Album Art
Area 11
Released June 2011
Recorded 2010/2011
Length Variable
Label Area 11
Producer Area 11
Fan Subs is an EP released by Area 11 on their Bandcamp account in June of 2011 containing 7 songs. The EP was originally released with only 3 tracks. The EP was updated every once in a while with new songs and remixes.  It was later taken down in February of 2012 for unknown reasons.

Internet Wayback Machine

Though the EP was taken down, screenshots proving its existence can be found on Internet Wayback Machine by looking up Area 11's Bandcamp account. Depending on the date selected, the EP will have a different amount of tracks listed.

Track Listing

Area 11

Area 11 - Fan Subs Sceenshot

As of November 20th 2012, the track listing was:
  1. The World Is Very Lucky To Have You
  2. Knightmare Frame (Demo Sample)
  3. Blackline Sampler
  4. Euphemia (Kogie's Sexy Club Remix)
  5. Euphemia (Sparkles*' Trance Remix)
  6. Reply Boyz
  7. Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill (Echo Inada Remix)


"The World is Very Lucky to have You" is a short Power-Rangers themed song that sampled the original show and does not contain any lyrics otherwise. It is the only Fan Subs exclusive independent track. According to Sparkles*, it wasn't very good, and will likely never be re-released.

Euphemia (Kogie's Sexy Club Remix)

This song is the first part of the chorus of Euphemia sung by Kogie and put through the Songify app by the Gregory Brothers (schmoyoho). The app takes spoken input and automatically autotunes and remixes it to the tune of a schmoyoho song or some other preset. In this case, Kogie used Double Rainbow.

Euphemia (Sparkles*' Trance Remix)

This track later got a re-release on the single Knightmare/Frame, which is still available to purchase. Like the title suggests, it is a trance remix of Euphemia.

Reply Boyz

Reply Boyz was a song made for the Yogscast mocking the "reply boys", an annoying trend going on YouTube at the time (similar to reaction videos). Its lyrics are likely not digital haunt related. The YouTube video has since been taken down, but unlike "The World is Very Lucky to have You", its popularity ensured that there are still some copies easily accessible on the web.

Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill (Echo Inada Remix)

This was a dubstep-style remix of Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill by Echo Inada. A video of Parv, Kogie and Sparkles* sitting down and listening to it is still up on Area 11's YouTube channel.

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