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The Cassandra Logo

Apache Cassandra is a decentralised database software used by many large companies for data handling situations. Cassandra is a NoSQL solution and was developed initially by Facebook to power their inbox search function of their website. It runs through the input of SQL-like code in its own language, CQL (Cassandra Query Language). Many popular websites now run using Cassandra, such as Reddit and Soundcloud. [1]

Connections to Digital HauntEdit

  • Kush studied computer science at university, so may have been familiar with the software, even though it was first created 2 years after DH's first inception.
  • The eye logo bears a certain similarity to the Area 11 eye logo , and may have relevence within the Eyes Theory.
  • Apache abbreviate Cassandra to C*, which is similar to the abbreviation of Sparkles* to S*.