There are numerous references or links to the concept of androids, machines and cyborgs. Many of these are due to the prominence of such themes in Anime in general, however there is also more than likely a link on the Digital Haunt level of the lyrics
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The 'Digital Eye' logo.

Lyrics Relating to Machines or Androids.Edit


The whole song basically relates to a machine starting up, and the addition of the questioning of Cassandra brings in the possibility of Androids.


Something broken inside you


She shines for me, she shines for me

Until I changed my point of view
Inside a machine, inside a machine,

Cocooned in steel as you fall

Tokyo House PartyEdit

Production line values we covert so high

Shi No BaradoEdit

I saw your face in the LEDs

A promise written on a TV screen

And I am your satellite

Cassandra Part IIEdit

We’re not just numbers, we are alive

A digital haunt in an analogue life

Pack up, log on and we’ll leave this town

And I’m still encrypted, I am a machine 

The ego behind this computer screen 

I should save myself, before this gets too real 

The StraysEdit

How could I stay here and rust when I’m set to explode?

Dream & RealityEdit

Umbilical cell phone, won’t you tell me what is real?

Heaven-Piercing Giga DrillEdit

Time stops as we combine

My drill will pierce through

Fear of CancerEdit

Inhuman form revealed.

The TapeEdit

You are obsolete.

Analog sawtooth wave,

I can cut the excess cables,
Show you how to be alive.

Human, you are obsolete.


In a fiber optic underground.

I’m an organ donor for a machine.
(Press the key... press the key...)
Press the key!


Transmission I hear.

Transmission complete.

In The Blind Edit

I am as much in control of this construct

Lyrics About Metals and Human BodyEdit


It cost me an arm and a leg.

Exchanging flesh for steel and rust.


I'll take a knife to see I'm alive

The flesh on steel makes me feel so righteous


Cocooned in steel as you fall away

In The Blind Edit

I realised that art can never true be separated From the frames, and the veins

Non-Lyrical LinksEdit

  • The Youtube video for Fear of Cancer features clips from Fritz Lang's Metropolis
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  • The teaser video released at 11:11 on 11/11 2013 featured a version of System;Start and various computer related imagery and a human eye.
  • There are plenty of links to computers and machines in the full version trailer of ATLITS Complete. This includes a scrolling wall of text similar to a system diagnostic, and various views of a machine that is believed to contain Cassandra.
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Sparkles* at the Angel of the North

An image was uploaded to various social media sites by Sparkles* saying 'The Angel Of The North and a giant steel robot'. As the image featured both the Angel and S* it is unclear as to whether he might be calling himself a giant steel robot. It is also possible that he is saying that the sculpture is also a giant steel robot.

Various TheoriesEdit

  1. Cassandra could be a machine, or part machine.
  2. Cassandra could enter a virtual world by putting her headphones on whilst they are plugged into a computer, where her conciousness then enters into a virtual space.
  3. There could be some sort of mech or battle armour like a Knightmare/Frame or Ganmen involved in the story. The lines "Inside a machine" and "Hiding inside you" are possible hints to this.
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