Repeated (echoed) lines in ATLITS




I locked it all inside
You’re losing your mind
Give me a warning
Leaves it all behind


And then take this secret with you.


She shines for me
Something I couldn’t see
Inside a machine
Inside of me

Tokyo House Party

Through every part of me
Cause I don’t know what you came here for

Shi No Barado

Even when my memories fail me

Cassandra, Pt. II

I wanna be your enemy
You want a reaction
Hiding from you

The Strays

Stub out the stars on my wrist

Dream & Reality

This feels better than the best thing

Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill

Cut it, cut it out!

Bosozoku Symphonic Movement 4

I'm not leaving you
I'll rip out all the hooks from my skin so I can grow.

Bosozoku Symphonic Movement 5

All the lights in the sky

Other Songs


The seven deadly sins/ Homunculi Names

DOTA 2 Beta Key

All I ever wanted was DOTA 2 beta.
It's all I've ever wanted.
The wait is killing me.
Icefrog, we are waiting
but oh, Valve, why can't you see
that all I ever wanted was my beta key.

Screw the Nether

I'm moving to the Nether
Down here in the Nether
We love it in the Nether
You'll love it in the Nether
You know what
Screw The Nether

Minecraft Christmas

A very, very, very nice Christmas

Other Instances of 'Echo'

On Sparkles*' description of Prologue III (Echodeath) on Bandcamp, the contributors are refered to as 'Echo 1', 'Echo 2' etc.

In many Area 11 songs, every letter "s" has an echo.

Edge of the Explosion*

On Sparkles*' tumblr, he posted a video of R Kelly talking about echoes in his music. It is most likely this is simply a joke.

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