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Adam Davis <3 is an editor at the Yogscast and a friend to Area 11. He was the designer of much of the band's artwork, including the cover art for All The Lights In The Sky and Shi No Barado. Adam <3 also takes up the job of filming Area 11's set list when they perform which he then edits together into a video for Youtube.

"World famous dancer Adam (originally known as Ben) was initially added to the Yogscast team to raise morale and team spirit. After winning the hearts and minds of the office, he now professionally manages an ever growing team of editors. Despite spending many long hours ensuring impeccable quality in every video produced by the Yogscast, he still finds time to pursue his ever strengthening dance career. Adam is truly an inspiration to us all." - Job description from theYogscast Staff list.

Although Adam<3 designed the Shi No Barado artwork, he admitted on 15/05/13 that he didn't design the original eye logo. This was created by someone called Lee according to Sparkles*.

Fantastic Editing and Artwork

  • The ATLITS album art, designed by Adam.
  • Adam co-hosting AniMAY.
  • Shi no Barado cover art
  • Adam<3's Yogscast Avatar
The hidden talent behind the Yogscast and Area 11's art, it is clear that he has a large role to play in the development of Project S*.

Alternative Names

  • Hollywood
  • Adam (rarely ever seen, most people use 'Adam<3')
  • The Editor
  • Ben Lessthanthree
  • Mr. Lessthanthree


  • His birthday is on 3rd May
  • Adam<3 enjoys vodka and asahi beer.
  • Adam<3 attended the same university as The Turpster.
  • Before joining the Yogscast team, Adam<3 used to work on cartoons and still does in his spare time.
  • Adam<3 is also much loved by Area 11 fans.
  • Adam<3 also made promises of brownies. 
  • Adam<3 is also a fully licensed ghost buster.
  • Adam<3's favourite Ghibli films are ; Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa and Only Yesterday.
  • Everyone loves Adam<3
  • Adam<3 is thinking about starting his own Youtube channel or starting to stream his drawing. 
  • According to Sparkles*, Adam<3 doesn't work enough and just spends all his time distracting Sparks* from his work.
    Adam heart
  • Adam<3 has been featured in several episodes of AniMay. (In Martyn's absence) His popularity within the Youtube comments is outstanding.
  • He is known for his dancing skills from the Yogscast Christmas livestreams.
  • Adam<3's twitter can be found here .

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Adams<3 official signature can be seen below:

How To Design Really Good - Shi no Barado

How To Design Really Good - Shi no Barado