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• 11/12/2018

Singlarity Ruling.

Now that area 11 are using patreon to distribute music early, what are the ruling on the new music that gets released. Are we going to wait until an official release or can we discuss its possible meaning beforehand?

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• 11/27/2017

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• 11/13/2015

Dota 2 Beta Key

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has made/ is going to make a Dota 2 Beta page? I would do it my self but I'm too scared to because I will probably get a date wrong or spell something wrong xs Many thanks, Star*
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• 10/15/2015


Who is Cassandra? How is she connected to sparkles*? Why wouldn't area 11 give us more information on her?
Please feel free to discuss all theories here :D
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• 8/18/2015

The Home Page Is Missing

The home page is missing and i don't know where to post this if there is another more appropriate place to post this and again The DH Home page is missing
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• 8/6/2015

Is there a specific place a newbie can go for a "Crash Course" in the Digital Haunt?

I've been trying to read through some of it, but it seems that the clues aren't even all listed in the same place. I was thinking that if there was a page that showed all the media known to be relevant to Digital Haunt (Links to videos, social media, specific songs), it'd make it a bit easier for newbies to find their way to where the veterans are.
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• 12/5/2014

A timeline of everything, what should go on it?

I've slowly been working my way through the history of Ghost Cassette, Area 11, and Digital Haunt, to try and build up a timeline of everything that we know. When the timeline's done, I'll be able to host it as an interactive timeline (with pictures and everything~) either on the wiki or linked offsite which should allow us to better visualise things instead of wading through pages of content. I have a fair amount of data but it's nowhere near complete.
Is there anything that should absolutely go on it that may be obscure/strangely relevant that I might miss? It already has the basic things like tours and releases on it, but also some more obscure stuff like Gigacraft and the first mention of Inertia Corp. What are some dates that should go on it?
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• 11/20/2014

Lyrical Analysis - Where does it belong?

A popular part of Digital Haunt is formulating ideas and sharing them with everyone. Currently the song pages we have contain a lyrical analysis section. This section served as a quick way for our small group to contain the information and ideas we had, however the community has grown since then, and the thoughts brought up in these analyses are both questionable and capable of creating bias within the community. Keeping this section of the wiki in a place where factual information belongs could hinder the input of new ideas from individuals and groups, and personally, I believe it already has.
We have to question whether the lyrical analyses should be put on a song page, or whether they should be contained in User Blogs or on the forum where individual thoughts are better suited and presented. Group efforts through the forum and clean presentation through blog posts would be a welcome change. We would however need to increase the visibility of Blog Posts to reflect this.
This is not the kind of decision I should make on my own, so any opinions you have on this proposed change would be welcome!
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• 8/18/2014

Place to post theories?

Hi, I'm very new to the wiki, but I've already developed my own (ridiculous) theory about the whole thing xD. I'm wondering if there's anywhere for people to post their theories to see what other people think about them? I did look at the User Theories page, but I can't see any way to post your own. Am I just being really unobservant?
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• 6/16/2014


What do you guys think about S* saying he might complete Prologue I? How do you think this will change up the theories? I know that I thought that the number didn't necessarily relate to the name of the song (ie. Cassandra Part 2. and Prologue III) but that could be wrong now.
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• 5/1/2014


I'm keen to hear what you guys think of the new track. I really like it, it kind of reminds me in some ways of the Klaxons a bit. It has a real energy and flow to it that pushes it along even more so than a lot of their other stuff.
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• 1/7/2014

The legendary sannin 'symphony' video

On area 11's youtube channel, there is a video of their song 'the legendary sannin' being played in a rhythm game similar to audio surf/beat hazard.
If you watch, at around 2 minutes in, the screen goes red and two eye-like shapes appear on the screen while strange sounds play that are not part of the song, the eyes then close.
Maybe it's just part of the game, but it seems incredibly suspicious if so...
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• 10/24/2013


So as a new reader of this wiki, I've had a few questions that have been bugging me all day. The first one regards general existance-ness (totaly a word) of secret project and this wiki. On the front page, it says that secret project Sparkles* is working on is an ARG, where other places it says that the search to find out what exactly what Sparkles* is doing is the ARG. If the latter is true, What is the domain name "" for? And if the former is true, What exactly is this wiki for? And if its the latter is true, where is the Cassandra story? And- And- *starts to hyperventilate*
I tend to get confused easily.
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• 8/9/2013

Digital Haunt Poll

Heyy guys,
It seems that quite a few people have found this site via 'Other' if that was you can you specify where please? As we have no idea how else we are being found haha
Many thanks
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• 7/24/2013

Area 11 Twitch

I just saw that Area 11 has a twitch page linked on their youtube page. I haven't heard of them using it and was wondering if anyone had or if it was for future use.
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• 7/22/2013

Feminine Alter Ego

Does anyone else think Kogie feels a little left out? He is the only band member with out a feminine alter ego.
Without her Section 00 can never exist or feature Beck Kind.
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• 6/8/2013

The IT crowd lyrics

If anyone can help with the Superpowerless - it crowd page is would be appreciated, particularly in the lyrics section as we are missing some
thanks - cyn
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• 5/28/2013

Rearranging lines...

So far we have been looking at what the lyrics have been telling us in the order that they are sung. It's been more than hinted however that the lines are not ordered in relation to the Digital Haunt. Therefore does anyone have any ideas regarding lines that might go together, possibly from different songs even? There was some mention of lines with repetition, but I couldn't see any link instantly.
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• 5/15/2013


Those involved in the construction of this Wiki, and the gathering and collating of facts, info and rumours are:
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• 5/14/2013


Evening guys,
Just a quick heads-up to say that if we make any breakthroughs, info will be posted here
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